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Academy Dana Scully

September 9th, 2017

The X-Files – series with elements of fantasy, which is attended by two special fbi agent: Fox Mulder and Dana Scully. Throughout the series you can watch the various legends and myths about people who lived on Zemle.Dvum most active agents of the fbi Academy Dana Scully and Fox Mulder will work on a project called "The X-Files," in which they will have to deal with different cases and situations happens to people in the city. And also to solve the problem of the appearance of vampires, mutants, aliens and various other fantastic heroes. One of the agents Mulder believes in aliens and Scully trying to prove that not all the situation explained. Sometime in his childhood, Mulder has lost his sister, who mysteriously disappeared. He was a lifelong trying to find out that the aliens abducted his sister, but, unfortunately, attempts to learn and find it remained unsuccessful.

In the course of development of all the series of events, distrustful relationship to each other agents Scully and Mulder to gradually change, evolve, first into friendship and then, even more than friends. All series are divided into two categories. Some tell of the disclosure of various mythological crimes, which should solve the heroes on behalf of the government organization. Others tell us about situations carried out without the participation of mythological creatures, for example, what happens at the agency the fbi about his personal life the main characters and their lives at work. To understand and appreciate the essence of the show, you have absolutely everything series (Episodes) The X-Files, and try to go back to the world of heroes, but then the viewer will be able to fully understand the religious and a sensational worldwide tv series "The X-Files."


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