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July 16th, 2012

President Medvedev took the ecology. Again, ecology and Sochi 2014. Environmental expertise in Russia will . pe Week: leakage of chemicals in China, an accident at Slovenian nuclear power plant or other accidents. Moscow – one of the polluted cities in the world. The Montreal Climate Exchange began operations with quotas on emissions of industrial gases. Bon Appetit: insects as a delicacy. In Russia, for the first time celebrated the Day of the ecologist.

Overview of events week from 02/06/2008 to 08/06/2008. President Medvedev took the ecology of the number of loud statements on the environmental situation in the country and the environment did last week, Dmitry Medvedev during a meeting in the Kremlin on issues ecology. The President noted that the issue of ecology is a very serious problem in contemporary Russia. In a dysfunctional environment home to 40 million Russians, of whom one million live in conditions of a dangerous level of contamination. To address this situation, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev called for changing the system of environmental responsibility in the country. He posed the problem of the Government to the State Duma bill on the system of norms of permissible impact on the environment by October 1 this year. Medvedev recalled that in January this year a meeting of the Russian Security Council on environmental issues, which, inter alia, discussed the impact of environmental standards on the innovative development of the country, 'in fact, the level of our competitiveness. " Dmitry Medvedev also expressed the need to promote renewable energy technologies, and urged to reconsider funding for projects related to renewable energy in the formation of budgets for future years.


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