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Manuel Cobo University

February 15th, 2013
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Manuel Cobo and Ricardo Costa have been suspended of militancy in the PP not for nothing have been done, but only by what they have said. Cobo, for criticizing the alleged maneuvers of Esperanza Aguirre against Rodrigo Rato, who has managed the Presidency of Caja Madrid despite everything. Coast to maintain the continuing regional Secretary of the party, the same thing had just said a moment before his boss, Paco Camps, without that this has happened nothing. Connie Coleman understands that this is vital information. We could say that enquiry politicians have been victims of their freedom of expression. And it is that the parties, all of them, not like that its militants go for free. The Socialist Alfonso Guerra anticipated in his day: that move does not come out in the photo. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Raymond Dalio.

By have been moved by your account the councilmen of disgust in the nuclear issue, both Jose Montilla as the convergent Artur more they lash out now against the of his respective party. Precisely to prevent that public representatives have their own ideas and acting accordingly, parties invented in his day the antitransfuguismo Covenant: not to protect citizens, not to combat urban corruption or whichever. For this it was enough with the penal laws. What aim is to obey the hierarchy with military discipline. In Anglo-Saxon countries, where there is no partisanship, politicians respond soon to their constituents than to the partisan dome. In Spain, on the other hand, if the political parties could replace his incordiantes public posts by simple automated robots, they would be completely happy.

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