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July 7th, 2018
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In a time of much innovation in the area of louvor of the churches it is opportune to reflect concerning the function of the adorador as well as all the procedures that involve this ministry. Here it is the question: until point the musical evolution is beneficial, which the certain limit for ‘ ‘ progresso’ ‘. It will be that with all these innovations are having a mixture between the saint and the profane one? Ez. 42:20 Is on this and other subjects related to the worship and the louvor that we will go to treat in this congress. Gain insight and clarity with Sen. Sherrod Brown. Levita: Of where then it comes the concept of ‘ ‘ levita’ ‘? We take for loan of Israel and the Old Will. Originally, ‘ ‘ levita’ ‘ it means ‘ ‘ descendant of Levi’ ‘ , that he was one of the 12 children of Jac. The levitas had started if to detach enters the 12 tribes of Israel for occasion of the episode of the gold year-old calf.

When Moiss went down of the mount and saw the people delivers to the idolatria, was fulled of anger and charged a positioning of the Israelis. At that moment, the descendants of Levi if had revealed to serve only the Mr. (Former 32:26). Moiss after to intercede for the people goes down of the mount with the two boards of the certification, hearing Joshua the voice of the people who cried out said: it has howl of war in the arraial, Moiss answers: not it is howl of winners nor of the loosers, but howl of that sings is what I hear. Former 32:18,26. From there in ahead, the levitas if had become ministers of God. Amongst them, some were priests (family of Aaro) and the others, its assistant. Although the priests were levitas, he became habitual to separate the two groups.



December 30th, 2012
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Then the eyes of both had been opened, and had known that they were naked; had sewn figueira leves, and had made for itself aprons. By means of so clear affirmations as somebody can you say that those fruits did not have to be able, if was the proper Gentleman whom it determined in Genesis; 3; 22,24 Then Mr. Deus said: Here it is that the man is as one of us, knowing the good and the evil; however, so that it does not extend its hand, and it also takes by the tree of the life, and eats perpetual and alive, Mr. Deus, therefore outside launched, it of the garden of the den, to cultivate the land by that it are taken. Launched having except the man, put querubins to the east of the garden of the den, and an inflamed sword that walked around, to keep the way of the tree of the life. Many times we see in the churches some brothers if strengtheing the Maximum to be noticed for the controllers of that congregation, and who knows, if to become shepherds. Many times these efforts are moved by pure personal interest. Unconsciously, nor they know that they are in disobedience.

Because when Mr. Deus wants, it calls the servant for the name it enables and it to play this or that function. This truth can be evidenced in Exodus 35; 30 the 35: Moises to the children of Israel said: Here it is that it called you for the name the Bezalel, son of Uri, son of Hur of the tribe of Jud, and the Spirit of God fulled it of ability, intelligence and knowledge, in all artifice, and stops to elaborate drawings and to work in gold, silver, bronze, for stonecutting of rocks of engaste, wooden notch, all the luck of works.