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Crane Scales

November 22nd, 2013
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What is a crane scales? It's very simple, close your eyes and imagine a big heavy hook of a crane, which is equipped with an electronic weighing device. Function similar scale as follows: weight cargo trucks with standard loops attached to the load cell through the holes provided on its ends. Weight suspended load is measured by its rise. This procedure can be implemented effectively in all conditions, both in production facilities, as well as outdoors. At the moment, crane scales have a large number of classifications for all possible traits. For example, Crane scales can vary in capacity, ie the maximum permissible weight of the weighed value of the goods.

These devices are distinguished into three types: scales for light loads, medium and heavy duty. It is worth noting that Crane scales over the past few years, experiencing more and more modernization. Most of the newest models such weights are controlled by a special radio channel, sometimes management is done through the wireless Data Bluetooth. In modern models of crane scale load cell with an electrical signal is processed by a special electronic unit, and after digital processing are displayed on the scoreboard. In the process of weighing user has the ability to directly control the weights using the remote control. Crane scales, usually have a battery backup. Charging the battery is produced directly in the balance. Extract battery charging is also fairly simple: a battery compartment cover is in the weights.

Charging time is less than 8 hours. Crane scales – a very precise instrument, on average, its accuracy is 0.05%. It is worth noting that in ultra-expensive models, the maximum permissible overload of 200% maximum load, but much less secure perezaruzka – no more than 125%. The latest balance, among other valuable features, yet are resistant to different temperatures, the average range for the load cell is very wide: -30 to 50 C. The temperature of the storage device even more democratic: -40 … 90 C. For crane scales, as for any instruments, involved in loading and unloading, is extremely important the speed and accuracy of weighing. Balance in this category may be embedded in virtually any type of crane. Their use is best for both technological, and commercial weighing. As a result, they are widely used on our metal and steel works in the steel mill and pipe shops, etc. On the market today measuring instrument a wide range of crane scales. Depending on the task it is possible to choose the best option according to the ratio "price / quality."