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Systems Engineering

May 28th, 2011
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Thus, training is the set of lessons that are aimed at training students for professional practice, in addition to continuing their comprehensive training. . . . Consequently, legal training means training in legal matters. Finally, it is understood that such training has to be in charge of at least lawyers, and in some cases professional in another profession (since some subjects will be taught by other professionals, as ejm. In the case of subjects such as legal data, legal Mathematics, forensic medicine, which should be in charge of Systems Engineering, Pure Mathematics and forensic pathologists, respectively).

It is desirable that they should be given by professionals in both professions, for ejm. in the case of the subject of legal medicine, a lawyer and doctor at once, in charge; however, which very few opportunities possible, because it is very common to find professionals with a double degree of that kind. 2. 2. Secondly is the issue of legal training, and in that sense we have that education or training are the practices to overcome the level of knowledge, technical competence or the executive ability in useful activities and particularly in the professional nature and be trained, meaning to make suitable or sufficient. Consequently, the function of providing legal training should be provided by lawyers or professionals who have been trained properly or those with trainer title. Therefore, training only those who have trained or trainer title and not others.

2. 3. Thirdly, we look at the issue of specialization, legal, and the respect we have as the first item mentioned that according to the dictionary, the meaning of specialty is theoretical or practical knowledge of genuine character in a science or art.