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The Morning

June 18th, 2013
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Now I realize account that in the past allowed that the suffering was the source of my motivation, because while I was comfortable not generally towards any effort to improve my life, often waiting long time until a deep despair, to start searching for a better way. Humans act under the culture in which we were educated, because I’ve noticed account when I am healthy not meditate on my body, but as soon I get sick becomes the most important moment of my existence. The holistic education me at lead to find a new threshold because in my served with a bridge between what I thought was my true reality, and all spiritual teachings have allowed to change my life and learn to enjoy to fullness. Every individual on this planet is special and unique; No two equal beings and this is demonstrated with our fingerprints, something that science has not proven yet but that the philosophy of antiquity has taught for thousands of years is that our energy passes through the Centre of the heart made the world so that carries our personal pattern enjoy life more fullycent which I live every moment, I do not expect to pass some commitment and work load to enjoy life, live every day. Each day me more pleasure with meditation that leaves inside me amazing results, has already become a great need in my existence. In as far as possible continuous with my walks in the morning or in the afternoon, at the green field, enjoying each one of the details that nature gives us, enjoying it and feeling it part of myself. There are several changes I’ve noticed to date, I am now more orderly, always have been more organized in my work, in my house, at school etc but what I’m doing now I am surprised by that that makes me feel happy, in order, quiet, but above all with much peace.

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The Present Catering Laurel At Madrid Fusion

June 17th, 2013
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Elena and Lola one year helping in the Organization of the fair Elena and Lola have been part of this fair, which each year raises more excitement and international interest, helping in the organization. They have enjoyed watching how each master chef works with his team and prepares la mise in place, as mounted and designed dishes resulting fantastic presentations. They have also been able to taste new, unknown and surprising ingredients, have made questions and shared nerves along with these artists of gastronomy, before his departure to the stage. Listen to their speeches and congratulate them on their work once completed, before the press devore les, is another of the pleasures that these two businesswomen and delivered to their work they have been enjoying in this culinary fair. Madrid Fusion has surprised this year with high pressure techniques. We have seen how Andorri Luis Anduriz peeled a clip of King crab and a whole lobster, after subjecting it to this technique.

The result was spectacular to being a Shell turned in a fine fabric that is removed as a skin. The hydrogen liquid remains one of the Kings in the kitchen of new trends, allowing new techniques and applications, making true gastronomic wonders, although they are primarily innovations for aesthetics and presentation of the dishes, rather than for the palate. In this Edition, and during the three-day tradition and the new trend have joined to create an innovative cuisine much more than on other occasions. Paco Torreblanca drew up an Apple Pie with puff pastry and pistachio that has caused a sensation in the Laurel. Quique Decasta and Rodrigo de la Calle also showed a few rice dishes with a delicious broth as a base. One of the proposals that most liked to Elena and Lola’s Laurel Catering has been that Senen Gonzalez, prepared a few vegetable plates that will certainly include in their new cocktails, to prepare delicious appetizers that seem rather to maki sushi with seaweed wrapping, although in reality they are delicious snacks with wrapping of vegetables, which are a new form of presentation of the flavours of life with a touch of innovation. Also be able to observe an authentic artist of the bread, Daniel Jorda, with a way of understanding the really ingenious bakery, mixing ingredients such as onion or bacon with the corporate colours of any company.

Madrid Fusion, also has activities unique and significant as the contests that each year are more competitive and quality in the proposals. Mahou lids, canning and Berlys bites, have been providing a great level to this gastronomic event. As a note to highlight this year, Elena and Lola have told us that the great dinamics in this edition have been women and basically the catering industry, which has always been so little valued and that allows to check how each day have a greater gap in the market, increasing its level and preparation, offering also high cuisine. For more information: El Laurel CateringC / cherry, 1128703 MadridTel.: author: Pilar Esteban to be or not to be. Original author and source of the article.


The Meditation Is A Way Towards Our Inner Being

March 23rd, 2013
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Meditation is to transcend the mind, noting it as something alien, studying it, when she disappears i.e. you elevaste consciousness, are in a State of consciousness, of no mind. In the West are considered before we talk about meditation from previous steps such as: Concentrarcion: that is only thinking about one thing. Contemplation: already here is a step beyond the concentration, only you think about a particular issue, deep, it is a step most of growth with respect to the previous. Here in the West the meditation is considered a third State, i.e.

a deeper contemplation. As I mentioned earlier meditation is a State of no mind, in the East named it originally as Dhyan, that does not mean any of the three stages mentioned above but as a State of no mind, is beyond the mind. This word Dhyan in China was the pronounced Ch an, in Zen Japan, these changes are due to variations in pronunciation of each region. In the most people especially in the West the silence and serenity associated with boredom and energy accumulation that ends up becoming stress and anxiety, along with your food, air, water, accumulating even more this energy has to be used, but will become more tension and finally in anxiety, we are half exterior and half interior. We use energy in creative activities of the outside world, there is much to create, discover and to explore, we use it to make our world more beautiful, poetic, healthy loving. Then Yes through meditation will travel towards our inner being, there you regain energies and you will earn new, you comunicaras with your inner self, you will achieve serenity, silence, you will find the outer inner balance, achieving your two halves, your energy overflow into love, humility, joy, creation, appreciation, because you know the happiness, the joy of living, through your way inside discovering who really you are.

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