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October 13th, 2011
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These cases are: 1. In publications, television and video recordings of educational We may use published picture. 2. Photo may be reproduced in a review of current events on television. 3.

Photo placed in a newspaper or magazine may be reproduced Library or repository upon request of individuals or research purposes. 4. Educational institution for classroom teaching can reproduce photographs included in the book or periodical. In all other cases the use of photos is allowed only with the consent of the photographer and payment of interest. The term of copyright The copyright for the photo appears with the inception of photography and is valid for author's lifetime and 50 years after his death. However, the previous legislation establishes a shorter term of protection. Therefore, pictures of authors who died in 1968 or earlier are no longer protected. Photos foreign authors, first published abroad, are not protected at all times.

They receive protection only on the basis of international treaties of Russia (and former USSR). photos created in the performance of their task if Photographer located in labor relations with any organization, employer, and creates a picture in the performance of official duties, then such a picture is called "service" and falls into a special legal regime (Article 14 of the Act). Individual rights photographer on a photo of a fully reserved by the author, but all property rights (the right to use) are passed to the employer, and wholly and for the duration of Copyright. In this case, the employer is not obliged to pay the photographer to any additional compensation (except for wages). Of course, the "office" are only those images that are created by the service assignment. If an organization has established "rules mining, then all photographs made in excess of these standards are not considered official. However, the law allows for the conclusion between the photographer and the employer, the special contract The maintenance of the photographer of the copyright on official photographs. The contents of this treaty law is not regulated, but it can be easily imagined. Such an agreement may include, for example, that on neposhedshie official photos of all copyrights are reserved by the photographer, the photographer gets the right to use the official photos a few years after their first publication, or that he receive certain compensation for any use of official photographs. Similar conditions can be set not in the individual contract with the photographer, and in the collective agreement in the charter or the organization's instructions. But if no such agreement, the photographer can not be used without the consent of their official pictures and get paid for their reward.


Home Photostudio

July 20th, 2011
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Second composes a beautiful portrait. Background should be smooth, uniform, not detract from the actual portrait. Often, simply hang up the sheet, remove the curtains on the background, etc. There is nothing not mind, but it is adherent pure white background for many reasons, which will be explained later. As of specialized photo shops sell two kinds of backgrounds: the transmission and reflection.

1. On the 'clearance' – this is usually a synthetic fabric with dyrochkai. Fixed on a special rack, providing a quick change of the background. Backlit. Convenient to create a circuit model. Unfortunately, we were not suitable, because of the need for special fixtures, special 'Broader' soft box for flash. Importantly, it increases the required amount of premises. 2.

On the 'reflection' – can be the same fabric, only the density of fabric or paper. I prefer paper – it has a larger reflection coefficient, cheap, discarded after use, but not erased. In Moscow shops I procedure simply chasing after her and so I just bought a packet of drawing sheets A1 size and glue 'APT', and for half an hour glued together the necessary background 2×3 meters costs 200 rubles. (In photoshop this size is about 600 rubles). The length of the background must be at least 3 m (better than 4 meters) as it must be continuously extended from the wall onto the floor. It is important for the growth picture. Fasten the buttons on the wall or window to the curtains. Subtlety. When the background extends to the floor, the model is (sitting) on it. Naturally when this background is polluted, and if the paper is simply broken. So good on the floor to put a transparent sheet plekstiglassa 1h1.5 meters. (Buy possible for a construction company) turns flat area, and reflect the extra yield. effects of the photography.