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Social Politics

March 7th, 2018

Therefore, it is essential that this institution becomes partner of the State, of other filantrpicas institutions, of private companies, foundations and associations, amongst others to improve each time more the given attendance these aged ones. Therefore it is necessary to know the theory of the determinative ones of the social matter, to identify them in the social reality and to consider action of confrontation and overcoming of realities. Inside of the institution this professional of social service must be intent the politics related to the segment taken care of for the same one, to have common knowledges that them will be of much importance in the attendance come back toward the totality, as for example: family, education, health, social assistance, generation of income, etc. The social assistant has all the abilities to be the proper manager of the institution, working with approach of overcoming and guarantee of rights to these aged ones. See more detailed opinions by reading what Amazon offers on the topic.. So that the limits and impediments in this institution are transposed the improvement technician are basic, where the social assistant never can lose of sight the capacity to get infuriated itself ahead of the sequels of the social matter. It must be a mobilizador agent, who opens alternatives so that the falantes citizens is placed in scene, guaranteed and making to be valid for itself the rights that already legally are constituted or still they will be able to come to be. It does not have to be amenizador of conflicts and yes a magnifier of the public sphere, refusing the idea of that right he is negative, synonymous of lack or necessity, but yes the magnifying of the common sphere. In our daily work each time is necessary more than let us reaffirm the reinforcement of the collective spaces, the defense of the radical democracy, the magnifying of the access to the social politics with quality, the defense of the human rights, amongst as much other fights.


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