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People Klimina

April 12th, 2018

October 10 in the small town of Ust-Kut in the holding of elections the head of the Ust-Kut MoD and members of City Council. Additional information is available at Richard Blumenthal. Claim to the presidency of five candidates – Vladimir Senin, Pichkur Ivan Afanasiev Sergey A., Klimina Tamara (LDPR faction) and Dushin Alexander. As the candidates for deputies registered 53 City Council candidate. We are certainly interested in the biographies of all above politics, but in this article, we will only provide greater detail Tamara Klimina since, yet it is the only woman who dared to fight for the presidency. In Currently, Tamara managed Ltd.

'LZPK Lena-forest', and also heads the Regional Public Movement "Komsomol veterans' and is raising three beautiful children. Biography and career Tamara Klimina (Smyk) are very interesting, and serve as a model of how a woman in our difficult times was able to excel in those areas that are traditionally ruled by men. She was born January 2, 1961 in a small town on Shalym Kemerovo Oblast Tee. In 1970, the family of the candidate moved to the city of Ust-Kut. Tamara began to study at a local school 98. There, she joined the ranks of the Komsomol. This momentous event took place back in 1975, and for life shaped and defined the life and worldview of Tamara, because at the moment it is not only fighting for the post of head of UKMO (Ust-Kut municipality), but also leads and manages the movement of people who still remember the Young Communist League and the principles, which are then planted people.

Throughout the study Klimina actively involved in school life. She was a permanent member of propaganda teams and campaigns, taking participate in the competitions of KVN teams, played in the 'Summer Lightning', and defended the honor of the native school sports fields. In addition to purely entertainment events, Komsomol members, including Tamara Klimina (Smyk), and engaged in very serious cases more, for example, began to organize the school construction teams, which will undoubtedly have contributed to the construction of soy most urban sites. After graduating from high school in 1978, Tamara passed entrance exams to college Irkutsk trade. And at the same time she was married. After graduation, the future candidate for the head worked in retail establishments, has been managing several stores Ust-Kut and elsewhere has shown itself as a competent and responsible manager. In 1987, elections were held in the City Council of People's Deputies of UKMO, and that while Tamara seriously interested in politics early. Along with social and political activities, she is very active in business, founded several logging companies and farms. Huge practical experience in the logging industry led to the discovery of OOO 'Forest-LZPK Lena', the output of which is currently in demand in both domestic and foreign markets. Biography candidate Head UKMO Tamara Klimina (Smyk) – is an example of hard work to the benefit of his native city and an example of how much can be achieved if you put all their efforts to achieve this goal. However, Tamara A. would not have been him, if stopped on what has been achieved. She is constantly moving forward and is committed to new heights. At the election of the head of Ust-Kut, it will be as a candidate from a list of the LDPR faction. We are from We wish her every success and we remind readers that anyone has the opportunity to ask Tamara, going on her personal website.

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