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The Family

August 10th, 2013

Later the judge will issue a ruling, which can be an acquittal or conviction. Despite the sentence the judge imposed It shall fix the amounts of civil damages, without prejudice to pay pensions that are owed. 60 days can be extended by 30 days. What is needed to file the complaint? It is a prerequisite to attach certified copies of the demand for food which obliges the defendant default of family support to pay a maintenance allowance and charge of notification of requirement made by the judge under penalty of being denounced. What is the register of debtors defaulting food? It is an electronic book that records the food delinquent, whose information is public and admission is free.

Begins enrollment in the book at the request of the person who is harmed by omission of foods, the request has to go before the family judge who met the demand for food. What are the requirements for initiating a process of extramarital filiation? Demand signed by lawyer. Copy of the ID of the applicant. Child’s birth certificate. Payment of court fees by offering of tests to the Banco de la Nacion (do not have economic resources may be requested judicial assistance for exemption from payment of tariffs).

What effects produces a statement that judicially declared paternity? The statement produces the same effects as the voluntary recognition of a child. Therefore the child will have the surnames of the father and the rights arising out of this. Which cases can I deprive parents of the parental? When children undergo physical and psychological abuse. They are exposed to any situation that threatens their fundamental rights. Try prostituting them or corrupt them. Parents are dependent on alcohol, narcotic substances or are drug-dependent that could compromise the health and safety of the children. When are parents convicted of a crime. What are the requirements to apply for tenure?


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