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State System

January 29th, 2014

In that Act of demagoguery, the oppressor elected under the guise of ensuring welfare for majorities, will only attempt to transform a reality that says that it does not meet the needs of the masses, directing his discourse to the larger population (the poor) by making them believe that they represent a better future and all them will be favored. Where the same people, more hopeless, receive them accordingly knowing that such promises and dreams will be there reflected until the day that close elections. It is unthinkable, at least with this fake democracy model, talk about equalities, power to all, autonomy and participation, when we are playing the same patterns of domination and distinctions of class, but in different ways, thus, we note the imposition of a minority over a majority, since these through the institutionalization of power, have the opportunity to exercise it directly in decision-making in political, economic, social and cultural. This exercise of domination in disguise of democratic, he will seek to form a citizen submissive, devoid of conscience, which will only have voice and vote in the elections, and for their low participation active in political life, will become a subject receiver, minimum and passive system, moulded according to the same interests, becoming a follower of paternalism, which will lead to the emergence of a new flatterer, conformist and slave of the State, a being that it would enhance the same social problems that gave it birth to him. The situation of the democratic system is a problem that social and political of every citizen will directly impact on life. We have a system that although always stresses the values of freedom, autonomy, participation, etc., contradictorily not exalts the values of equality, cooperation, collaboration or prominence. It speaks of a power for all and we observe prevailing inequality and exclusion, is only enough to observe within the masses, great sectorization and minorities than to the system not interested integrate.


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