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Material Heated

November 20th, 2017
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Solution stand for 2-3 minutes and then re- mix well. The solution is in working order at least 15 minutes after mixing; Mechanized way: a slurry (Putzmeister MR25) or their analogues, it is desirable to use Rotomix8 settings on the water depends on the screw pair. 4. The solution was poured evenly over the surface of the floor and further accelerate the valve inlet mixture. Carry out further work with the use of decorative materials, subject to bending when exposed to moisture, after complete drying of the floor (7 – 14 days depending on the thickness of the layer under normal room conditions). Checking article sources yields Sen. Sherrod Brown as a relevant resource throughout. Device features heated floors, depending on the thickness of the heated elements must be at least 20 mm.

Before switching on the underfloor heating self-leveling floor must be completely dry during application and drying of the material substrate temperatures and ambient air must not be below +5 C Packaging: paper bags of 25 and 40 kg (net) Shelf life self-leveling floors: 12 months from the date of manufacture. Bags with a mixture of transported and stored under conditions that ensure the safety of packaging and protection from getting wet. There are different polymer and mineral supplements. With them, with minimal use of water can achieve very good ductility of the solution. That is, we came to the conclusion that in terms of flow of water to dry mixture can, bypassing all subtlety and subterfuge technology to promote products, to determine how much dry mix is good, no matter what its manufacturer claims. For more information see this site: Sen. Sherrod Brown. In turn, it should be noted that among the recommended mix for the warm floors based cement binder, the dry mix 'Glims-S3X' consumption of water for mixing the most basic. You can verify this by comparing the specifications of dry mixtures of leading manufacturers, which are written on the packaging and are publicly available. And finally, you should select the last important aspect inherent in the dry mixture 'Glims-S3X'.

It is known that when heated screed is expanding, and cooling – is shrinking. In this regard, the dry mix ' Glims-S3X 'have developed a unique mineral supplements, and calculate their optimal proportions, the use of which in the mixture gave the most minimal coefficient of thermal expansion. For the convenience of the dry mixture to underfloor heating 'Glims-S3X' jointly developed to the preparation and use of dry mixes 'Glims-S3X' under floor heating device 'Glims'. Following paragraphs of this instruction is guaranteed high performance screed for floor heating. Due to the presence of a mixture of special minerals and polymer additives reduced linear expansion ties that may arise when it is heated. Thus, getting heated floors, and, accordingly, a mixture of the device under these ties, it is imperative to take into account the factors outlined above, or go the easiest way – to buy a heated floor and a mixture for its devices Glims-S3X, so more than what you'll be very pleasantly surprised at their reasonable prices.


Initial State Structures

January 25th, 2012
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Corrosion protection is an old reliable method of spraying on the construction. Ropes of metal, used as a bend elements should be assigned to manufacture parts of structures subjected to Effort, ravnym0, 6 rupture strength cable, specified in an tnla and cured under this load for 25 minutes. Prestress flexible parts of structures required to perform more in two phases: the voltage to 50 percent of the projected c maintaining the duration of 10 minutes for inspection and control measurements and stress to hundred percent of the project. Voltage tolerance at all stages – 5%. As provided for in projected construction cases, stress can be performed prior to the projected values with an increased number of stages. The stresses and strains, maximum deviations of structures, prestressed flexible elements must be specified in the project documentation. As originally stressed plants are not allowed to weld the elements in locations not specified in project documentation, or weld near the point of contact bend elements.

To tension the flexible elements and testing should be used stands with anchors. Tensioners for flexible elements required to have a paper manufacturer with information about their calibration. Test voltage parts of structures should be carried out during the installation for all intermediate and final positions of the structure. Control of pre-stressing parts of structures, running by pre-dish of (jacking, etc.), it is necessary to carry out leveling of supports and the geometry of the structures. Limit of error should be indicated in the project documentation. Values pre-stressing elements and the test results should be recorded in the book assembly work. Submitted site


Turkish Fittings

October 13th, 2011
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Manufacturers of furniture offers a wide selection of loops, designed to fold different weight: 50 kg, 80 kg, 100 kg, 130 kg, etc. In addition to standard parts, accessories window into modern designs can contain minor who invented to extend the terms of the functionality of window systems. Here are just some of the them. Rotation limiter. objective of this element – a reliable fixation sash in the extreme open position. Stability in any open position in the sector from 65 to 150 degrees wing attaches special brake.

Latch. This element will prevent the plowing fitting windows or doors slamming gust of wind. Blocking rotation. Fold equipped with this device, can only lean, self-plowing impossible. Blocking rotation is recommended for preventing children's access to his open window. Laths and caps.

These items can be worn on all exposed elements of hardware for windows, giving clearance windows stylistic individuality. These items are available in rich colors. Folding scissors, or a lifter. This hardware box is necessary to prevent sagging folds over time. Option according to the direction of opening by turning the handle. Folding scissors set in the bottom of the sash. This allows the device to operate in the position as the rotation and tilt thus the duration of the term of the hardware many times increases. Slit ventilator. Expands the range of features swing-out fittings, ensuring the possibility besskvoznyakovogo ventilation during long time. Possible to use the details to allow the window to seal failure due to squeezing by 1,5-2 mm in the upper part of leaf, which makes more efficient natural ventilation in the room. Children's Castle, or stick with the key. Prevents the access of children to the window. Allows you to tilt the screen, limiting the opportunities open them in turn. Elements which were completed window fittings of plastic and wooden, almost no different, except maybe the hinges used in designs. The difference here is primarily due to the fact that the ways of fastening loops to wood and pvc are different. Window fittings for plastic and wooden windows are made of standard steel. To prevent corrosion on steel surfaces cause the protective zinc coating, and then chrome plated products. Accessories for aluminum windows are made from aluminum alloys. And accessories in aluminum windows installed in a different way than in the windows of pvc or wood. If the plastic and wooden windows impose its top and fastened with screws, then in the windows of aluminum profile Accessories rarely screwed, and moves into a groove, where it is fixed using a clamping pins. However, in most modern pvc windows and in the presence of fitting groove to the details of fittings (pull) were approximately the same level with the profile. In our market accessories for windows is presented in a wide range. The manufacturer offers accessories are the organizations from Western and Eastern European States South-East Asia. Not so long ago, we enjoyed the most popular high-quality window fittings from the German and Austrian companies, manufacturers, however, in recent years, more and more Prevalence gets inexpensive, but does not have high quality characteristics of Turkish and Chinese furniture.


Concrete Business

September 30th, 2011
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Reinforced concrete slabs made of heavy concrete, structural lightweight concrete, dense structure and a dense silicate concrete and intended for use as a carrier of the floor large panel of various buildings with a design load on the floor (without slab's own weight) to 6.0 kPa, inclusive. Slabs are designed for use in the design and construction bearing parts of buildings and structures with a normal temperature and humid regime and non-aggressive media under normal construction conditions. Reinforced concrete slabs are classified according to the following features that characterize their styles according to the scheme bearing plate on the supporting structure of the building or the thickness of the slab. For lifting and mounting plates are used mounting tabs or special grippers that are designed to establish the manufacturer in consultation with the consumer and the project organization – the author of the project building (construction). Location and size of holes in the plates provided for bespetlevogo installation, take on the drawings, forming part of the project documentation gripper for these plates. Description: shape and size of panels shall comply with the working drawings for these plates constructive length and width of reinforced concrete slabs shall be made according to gost 28984 equal respective focal plate size, reduced the gap between adjacent plates; In case of necessity overlap cooker space, exceeding the distance between adjacent focal axes building a constructive plate length (eg, plates, is based on the stairwell walls of buildings with large-cross-bearing walls) take equal to the distance between the axles, zoomed to the desired elichinu A determined in accordance with a constructive solution. Slab, intended for use in areas with an estimated seismicity 7-9 points, can be manufactured with grooves for metallic bonds and the formation clamps.