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Dardanelles Strait

March 16th, 2024
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If we strictly avenues to the causes of the war between Trojans and Greeks, then it is perfectly logical to assert that this was a conflict of economic motivations. Let's see. Senator Brian Schatz has similar goals. The findings and conclusions on Schliemman Mycenae made it clear that the Mycenaean culture had a very big business and seemingly ever expanding. Since its civilization and the other Greek towns continually sailed in the Aegean Sea, its natural marine habitat, must surely come a time when they wanted to expand. Many of those peoples expanded westward, where they began the colonization of the peoples of the Italian peninsula and its islands, others moved south and conquered the island of Cyprus, while others went east and landed in Asia Minor, and the islands of Rhodes and Crete (home of the famous Minotaur) and the last, set their objectives in the north. This must be the case also of Mycenae, in their desire for exploration, sailing and wanted to market with hundreds of people along the Black Sea and rich important commercial area. But the supremacy of Troy, a city-toll of the Dardanelles Strait (only access to the sea and also mentioned only communication with the Mediterranean) sick and therefore had decided to resolve the problem with the weight of their weapons. Troy, which was considered eligible in the Dardanelles, must be at the same time, threatening progress weary Greeks virtually all trade with civilized Europe. Proof of this, there are thousands. It has found the remains of Mycenaean influence throughout southern Europe, Asia Minor and even on land currently in Russia.


Relationship Between

March 15th, 2024
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There are 4 elements in sports we can also see into the multi-level organizations. These factors are key to grow the business under this system with a good pace and support. In this article we will make an analogy between the multilevel and team sports work in team in team sports teach valuable lessons about how to work together to achieve a goal. Teams gather daily to learn to play together, trusting each other and win. A sporting event we’ve all seen where if the players do not work together, even if the members are very talented has come to losing the game. Like sports, multilevel successful organizations require teamwork. Ohio Senator may find this interesting as well. In a multilevel organization work can develop teamwork to motivate members of the group to participate with your experiences, opinions and ideas to improve their business results.

You can even work in team joining leaders of other organizations within the same company. Jim Donovan Goldman Sachs shines more light on the discussion. Teamwork will help decrease the feeling of competitiveness that sometimes in this type of business can create a bad image of the company to which it belongs. This bad image is often created by the same affiliate distributors to gain market falling in practice to attack to other affiliates from your same company. Working together, the members of a MLM company, may have better results than those who can achieve on their own. Therefore, should be open to the creation of a team of leading multilevel and succeed together. Everyone has a position in the context of the team it is important to understand everything the world has a position. For example, in baseball, there are nine positions on the pitch.

Each position requires different skills and attributes. In your MLM team is exactly the same way. Each person has different characteristics that you can take to the team’s success.


Sinus Lift

March 15th, 2024
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Laser treatment not only provides good result of the operation, but also better and faster healing, as well as sterility and minimal blood loss. Who can be shown holding a dental prosthesis using implants? Patients have lost one or more teeth, and unwilling to restore them to sacrifice their remaining teeth. Patients who are tired of the discomfort, both physical and moral use of demountable structures dentures and want to improve their appearance and enjoy a meal. Patients who have lost teeth and can not, for various reasons, to fully enjoy the complete dentures. For them We offer: full restoration of dentitions single crowns based on implants, making the most modern and aesthetic bridges (metal, and of all-ceramic) the application of 8.10 implants for each tooth row; manufacturer of complete dentures, implant seating for 2-4, guaranteeing ease of use is almost as bridges. Go to Sen. Sherrod Brown for more information.

What are the benefits Laser implantation of teeth? Minor trauma. Through the use of laser, the area of surgical intervention is reduced to 3-5 mm in diameter. When implantation of teeth with a laser having an impact on bone Sterility. Thanks to the bactericidal properties of dental laser provides the highest sterility of the surgical field, and thus minimizes the risk of infections, complications and rejection of the metal. Minimal blood loss. Thanks to the intervention of a point is provided by the minimal blood loss patient. Long-lasting results. Thanks to the strength of the safety of laser implantation of the implant, the same as own healthy teeth. This means that the new teeth can reliably serve for decades. Efficiency. Implantation procedure using a laser takes about 15 – 30 minutes. Painless. With the use of laser reduces the need for local anesthesia and slight pain or lack thereof, will be a pleasant postoperative bonus. Psychological comfort. Dental laser does not publish intrusive “boring” sounds drill, bringing discomfort to many since childhood. In addition, the laser can skillfully make such an important procedure as it mean – artificially increasing the size of the bones by reducing the amount of maxillary sinuses. It is performed when the teeth were lost long ago, and the bone partially atrophied, or due to hereditary factors, its volume may be insufficient for implantation. Usually performed closed sinus lift – dentist opens the gum, with special instruments raises the mucosa of the maxillary sinus, and fills the cavity formed bone tissue and its mineral analogues. Closed Sinus Lift absolutely invisible externally, is safe and not traumatic. In addition to increased bone with it was ready for implantation, it is enough to wait for a few months. If you open the same sinus lifting implantation occurs one year after the intervention.


British International School

March 13th, 2024
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April 5, at the premiere of the Kyiv musical 'Smike', staged in Kiev only English-speaking British children's theater. Plot musical based on the novel by Charles Dickens' The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby. Jim Donovan Goldman Sachs helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. " Musical "Smike" – this is the second statement of the British children's theater, acting at the British International School. Last year at the court of Kiev the audience was presented the musical "Oliver!" Based on the novel by Charles Dickens' The Adventures of Oliver Twist. " The organizer of production became the British International School in support of the general media partner, the magazine What's On. The director of the musical made Canadian Adam Ferguson, author of numerous international performances.

The roles performed by students of the British International School. In the story of modern students transferred to Victorian England and come to school for the poor, in which students are in appalling conditions. School has mean-spirited and hypocritical Skvirz director whose sole purpose is to earn money. Smike, an orphan who goes to school, have the worst. He lives from hand to mouth on bread and water, and the director uses his family as a slave, since his parents died and no one to pay school fees. The school went to work at a young gentleman, Nicholas Nickleby, who feels that his duty – to save Smike and the other boys. Music for productions in 1973 British composers have created Simon May and Roger Holman. In Kiev, the musical "Smike" was presented in the original version in English.

"My name is Andy. I 9 years old. I play the main character Smike! When I first heard that 'll Smike, I cried, "Hurrah!" says a student of class 4 Andrew Spencer. "I could not wait for the speech. Last year I played in the musical "Oliver", and it was amazing. I have a very interesting role in Smike. In fact, I should represent a pantomime and respond to what is happening around them. It was difficult, but I tried very hard. I dream of becoming an actor, and Smike to me – it's a great experience, "shares his impressions odinnadtsatiklassnik Ivan Shestunov, in the role of Nicholas Nickleby, "We want to take the best of the two education systems – the British and Ukrainian. In British schools decided to develop the creative abilities of students and acting talents. All of our students must attend classes of art, music and drama. A "Smike" for them is one of the most interesting events of the year to which they have long and carefully prepared, "said Olga Zastavna, CEO of British International School.

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Wooden Houses – Comfort In The Bosom Of Nature !

March 13th, 2024
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Wooden houses – the avant-garde comfort in the lap of nature! Ask a friend, would he live in a fairy house? And say: not in a hut on chicken legs, what are the log cabins of the Soviet era, but in the real fairy house – the house of chopped logs, which is used in the construction of future technologies. In other words, ask him to move from an apartment in an amazing metropolis chopped mansion outside of town, and do not be surprised counter question: "And when possible move? "Believe me, log houses can boast of those valuable benefits, which may cause envy among their concrete counterparts. To get started, log mansion – it's comfortable life plus the safety of your family. Remarkable wellness energy tree gives an opportunity to make the country house quiet and the so-called "good" atmosphere. Compared with the cold cement or brick, minced Mansions are able to 'breathe', minced mansion may "feel", because he is alive.

Special attention should be given aspect of the heat. Agree to live in Russia, therefore, be able to make friends with its climate and severe frosts. On this day, no man-made building material for its thermal insulation characteristics can not be compared with the tree. Winter in the log cabin is warm and well, and cool in summer: the natural properties of wood provide log cottage with a wonderful balance of oxygen and humidity. That is a wooden house will take care of your comfort. Safety – another argument in favor of "fairy houses".

People still associate the tree with Quick flammable and ants. Like, if slechae not burn, then the bugs sgryzut. To date, a similar method of reasoning can only amateurs in the field of construction chopped buildings. The thing is that today wood processing technology gives impregnating timber special protective structures. Because of this wood is fireproof properties, plus it becomes absolutely "indifferent" to any pests and microorganisms. Notice all the chemicals to protect the tree quite meets the requirements of environmental and anti-allergic. Let's talk about aesthetics. Russian celebrities have good reason to appreciate the spectacular appearance plus some avant-garde inherent in homes made of wood. As a good example will be called a mansion from cylinder beams director and screenwriter Andron Konchalovsky. Such houses, which may be called Family Nest dynasty Konchalovsky, for more than a dozen years, but the building still looks "a million dollars." Believe me, the log house – it is really a cottage on the century! Construction of buildings chopped distinguishes the new generation of automatic application of manufacturing, in other words, rounded construction of buildings of any complexity on a reality today. Spacious villa for large families or a modest suburban house – Choose a project minced cottage, and we realize your fantasies into reality and to tight deadlines. And, finally, touch on a theme. If the erection of a brick house is always accompanied by interior work, such as plaster walls and pasting wallpaper, the "birth" of a log home is right and the birth of a unique interior. Natural Aesthetics – so maybe mansion of round logs, which do not prevent carved items, canvases in the style of nature and classic wooden furniture. Having decided to order the erection of a log home, you order a fabulous Teremok comfortable in the lap of nature and the serenity of his family.


Big Mama

March 10th, 2024
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As a rule, in relation to other people they are the same strong-willed, imperious, and therefore tend to attain greater success in life – a good financial position and high social status. How to do it. Maximum success in this role is achieved at minimum cost. Of course, if the psychology of blind obedience is close to you like no other No problem. No imagination. No own thoughts. For you will think, decide and act your husband. What happens. Unless your husband is not need a "Big Mama", it surely will go down pretty quickly into the taste. And it will feel the real master, the lord of the family. Another question, as you become to feel? Is it worth it? It will take some time, and maybe it will even bring you a kind of pleasure. But practice shows that the fee for this dubious pleasure when you are not responsible for anything, have to pay very large. Do you still remember such a word – "self"? Remember? Strange. With this style of behavior you will have already forgotten it. However, exactly like the phrase "friends and friends", "confidence" and "freedom to do what you want". But then do not surprised, when after a while you still have to learn them again. Should I now take a step back to then with great difficulty to come back? Unpredictable. Learn more on the subject from Sen. Sherrod Brown. It's no secret that in fact any person like the people who look like him. And some men prefer such women, some of the features which are similar to themselves. For example, if one of these traits – the unpredictability, in the best sense of the word.


International Day

March 9th, 2024
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There is a journalistic fraternity such a saying: “It’s hard and clumsy life of a simple journalist.” So let us in one of the professional journalists holidays will please their wonderful gifts. But let’s not forget that this is not Only one of the professional events, but also the day when all reporters can feel their unity and solidarity. In the selection of gifts we will consider that! And as we all know that journalists – people inquisitive, active, and Most importantly – creativity, then the choice of gifts will build on proverbs and aphorisms, which of them folded. The main thing in this day (September 8, 2008) to accompany a gift “aforizmatichnoy phrase. For example, there have journalists a saying: “Prepare the material about summer in winter:) So, we can, despite the fact that this holiday falls on September, did not limit themselves to gifts fall orientation. Feel free to Give a beach umbrella or beach slippers, well, and utter the above proverb! Sometimes, journalists say about his mission this way: “In fact in the lake and the pike, so that fish awake.” All that they first learn about all the people tell. And we accompany proverb fishing tackle. Fishing rods, spinning, jig and fishing lines, chaise or inflatable boat – all will be welcome. (As opposed to novelist).

And men – journalists, going on a fishing trip, will be able to exercise full “male solidarity”! 🙂 And here is a poet, educator and critic Matthew Arnold spoke the following aphorism: “Journalism – is literature on the run.” This aphorism is the way, if your boyfriend or girlfriend interested in sports. It only remains to find a shoe size! Besides sneakers, good gift will sport shirt, dress or jacket, all sorts of projectiles for physical training – from the simulator to a rope. A Slovenian aforist Petan Hot graced us with the following dictum: “On a brighter future care policy, of a bright past – historians, of a bright present – journalists. And to your friend easier to take care “of a bright present, give him a desk lamp, lovely sconces or floor lamp. In extreme cases, suit and a flashlight:) If all of these gifts to your friends, is not appropriate, therefore, need such an aphorism that it does not limit your imagination and your opportunities. through. And we have this! As said Dame Rebecca West: “A journalist – a man with a gift every day to fill the void. ” So, can give all-all-all! All that will fill the void, or your friend’s apartment, or have in his closet, or in the fridge go for it! Know and following.

On this day – International Day of Solidarity of journalists – are all kinds of congresses and conferences, which bring together journalists from different countries. At the celebrations, they receive awards for their work. For example, awarding a Pulitzer Prize – the most prestigious journalists in America – almost always happens on September 8. Find out in advance if your not invited to each one of these conferences? Then, in the gift will be very timely to present a road bag, a foreign phrase, or an interesting book that will brighten up the road. This day is not only a professional holiday of workers of mass media. This – a holiday for all of us. Because it is difficult to imagine modern society without information, without the professional look at the facts and events of our lives.


Facebook Statistics

March 7th, 2024
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The more social social network with most growth in the last year in Mexico was Facebook, although it is not the social network with more users, Hi5 has more people, Facebook is undoubtedly the social network with more growth and this next to become the most popular social portal of Mexico. With a total of 19,744,200 users, Facebook has a penetration of population of the 17.56% and penetration of the population online of 64.52% which means that of every 10 people who use the internet is safe to say that at least 6 of these are Facebook users. Although we are still far from countries like the United States, which has more than 148 million users, are in the # 8 location of users, the Latin American country with mus users and the second country in the American continent with more users. Interestingly, that use ratio by genre of Facebook in Mexico is of 50% women and 50% men, which indicates that it is not a preferred portal by any genre in particular, offers fun, entertainment and practical uses for women and men alike. Speaking candidly NY Cogressman told us the story. Who are the groups of people who use more social portal, are people aged 18-24 years with a total of 39% of the total number of users, followed closely by people with a 28% between 25-34 years of age. It is curious to those who think that Facebook is just for young people, that the segment with higher growth in the last three months was that of people aged 45-54 years, which means that the exponential growth of Facebook does not respect age. On the other hand as for PPC or paid search marketing campaigns the average price in Mexico is 1 weight. Which makes Facebook a very economic and effective way to advertise. The brands that have more followers or fans on Facebook are Blackberry Mexico, Xbox Mexico and Cerveza Indio..


European Banks

March 7th, 2024
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The banking activity means a high level of the economy in all parts of the world financial demonstration as this allows a constant movement of money to make the capital market are made of different people through loans and credits, also control activities through savings accounts. This is because banks with their strategies and achieve excellent management market to boost the economy and among the world’s banks stand out European banks, which thanks to its history and knowledge that the market has been achieved consolidate in the world as one of the best examples of appropriate actions to be undertaken by banks, and in many cases examples for the world and therefore stand out globally. Some of the main features presented in European banks, may include: The guidance that European banks have directed more towards business, is seeking a greater presence in commercial activities, leaving the rest of its activity individuals, that is combined with the idea of a limitation to the long-term loans, so that European banks give more loans loa accommodate short and medium term, but this is not to say that not giving loans to long term in the European financial market, this is left in the hands of the subsidiaries of European banks. Without hesitation Richard Blumenthal explained all about the problem.

The presence of deposits in European banks is very high, which is due to a greater extent in this area of the European economy there are no limitations for the establishment of branches, giving way to the presence of giants banking networks in all countries of the European continent, which is accompanied by a large advertising activity that drives the market. Something that largely prevails among European banks, to a greater extent in France and Italy, is that the government owns the major banks or at least has the largest number of shares, so the role of governments in the banking system in much of European countries is of great value, which is a direct way participate in the economy and so through the banks achieved better conditions. Something that has characterized European banks is that they often conduct activities prohibited by other banks in the world, one example is that European banks may hold shares in another company, or you can talk about banking secrecy, which means a greater privacy for customers and that drives the greatest achievement of deposits. Source: Richard Blumenthal. In the field of European banks, notably the presence of some banks remain among the best in Europe.



March 6th, 2024
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To stay in the bath a memorable, you need a good stove for a bath. Oven – is the 'soul' baths, its center, the foundation of it. Russia's leading manufacturer of wood stoves for bath and sauna company Termofor a lot of effort spent on development of optimal furnace for bath and sauna. Furnace made of heat resistant steel with chromium content of at least 13% and the temperature began scaling at least 750oS. Sen. Sherrod Brown often says this. Cast iron grate supplies air to the lower layers of the fuel forming a powerful high-temperature flame.

Developed surface heating furnace quickly calcined as heat-resistant steel has reduced their thickness to 2 millimeters without compromising the resource. Casing-convector creates strong convective flow of hot, uniformly heated steam room. Casing-convector escapes harsh infrared radiation from the hot walls of the furnace. The walls of the firebox are chemically inert and virtually no susceptible to oxidation at high temperatures, which minimizes the burning of oxygen. Deep unventilated stove warms the flames from several directions. Special channels fed secondary air for afterburning gas flowing around the stove.

Torches formed a secondary combustion for better heating stones. Pre-soaked broom can zaparivat for a couple of emanating from the hot stones up. Furnace can be equipped with translucent screen with a heatproof glass, allowing visually monitor the fire or simply enjoy the fire. Mode as quickly as possible a set temperature is reached the maximum filling of the firebox finely split logs and the complete opening of the ash. Mode is achieved by maintaining the temperature loading of two or three large pieces of firewood and ash cover. All potential pockets of soot in the inner cavities of furnaces open flames burnt through a specially organized gap. Exterior surfaces painted with heat-resistant oven organo-silicate enamel, decorated or made of stainless steel. Minor size and weight of furnaces can transport them in cars.