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Facebook Statistics

March 7th, 2024

The more social social network with most growth in the last year in Mexico was Facebook, although it is not the social network with more users, Hi5 has more people, Facebook is undoubtedly the social network with more growth and this next to become the most popular social portal of Mexico. With a total of 19,744,200 users, Facebook has a penetration of population of the 17.56% and penetration of the population online of 64.52% which means that of every 10 people who use the internet is safe to say that at least 6 of these are Facebook users. Although we are still far from countries like the United States, which has more than 148 million users, are in the # 8 location of users, the Latin American country with mus users and the second country in the American continent with more users. Interestingly, that use ratio by genre of Facebook in Mexico is of 50% women and 50% men, which indicates that it is not a preferred portal by any genre in particular, offers fun, entertainment and practical uses for women and men alike. Speaking candidly NY Cogressman told us the story. Who are the groups of people who use more social portal, are people aged 18-24 years with a total of 39% of the total number of users, followed closely by people with a 28% between 25-34 years of age. It is curious to those who think that Facebook is just for young people, that the segment with higher growth in the last three months was that of people aged 45-54 years, which means that the exponential growth of Facebook does not respect age. On the other hand as for PPC or paid search marketing campaigns the average price in Mexico is 1 weight. Which makes Facebook a very economic and effective way to advertise. The brands that have more followers or fans on Facebook are Blackberry Mexico, Xbox Mexico and Cerveza Indio..


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