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History Of State And Law Of The New Age

January 1st, 2012

History of State and Law of the New Times is one of the most exciting periods in the development of world civilization. Despite the fact that this era covers a relatively short historical phase – XVII – beginning of XX century. In the history of State and law of foreign countries, it is one of the busiest in the development and adoption rights memorials. It was at this period of history was becoming, and then the assertion of modern state-legal order, based on political democracy, freedom and civil legal equality. By the chronological framework of this period can be approached from two perspectives: historical and legal.

Moreover, interesting to note that, historically, New Era has come much earlier than legally. For example, from a historical point of view to assume that New Era has begun in an era of great geographical discoveries (America – Christopher Columbus in 1492, the sea route from Europe to India – Vasco da Gama in 1498), which promoted the development of industry, trade, which in turn resulted in changes in social and political systems and law. New Era legally connected with the period of bourgeois revolutions. The first bourgeois revolution took place in the Netherlands at the end of the XVI century. However, its impact on world history was very small in comparison with the British and French Revolution the XVII and XVIII centuries., the consequences of which was the assertion of capitalist relations in the advanced countries of Europe and America. The place of feudalism came the bourgeois state and law, represents a huge step forward.

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