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October 24th, 2011

The State called them bandits others – insurgents. Only the end of the 40s. finally managed to stabilize the situation. So there is nothing new under the sun. About the idea of the investment corporation for the South of Russia.

There is also a certain experience has been gained. There is also successfully functioning of the NGO “Investment Development Corporation of the Penza region.” In Yakutia, created in the form of an investment corporation for the development of the country. A new project in Kamala is the creation of the corporation, that would work in the South of Russia in general, not only in the republics of the UK. I see here is the rationale: such an approach would substantially reduce the intensity of ethnic passions in the South of Russia, to use entrepreneurial energy and acumen throughout superregionu. Still, the territory of Southern federal district – a huge human resources, when compared with other federal districts, plus a favorable geo-economic and geopolitical position, as well as natural resources. But “Salt” project is “technically” bypass bureaucratic and slingshots to accelerate the process of making investment decisions. Probably, Kamal tells us more about that. EH: I think it makes sense tezisno to repeat it.

It’s better to make a kind inventory of problems and then start looking for clues to their solution. MK: Let’s do a comparative analysis. On its territory to the SFD is larger than any country in Western Europe, and the population density inferior to most countries across Europe. On economic indicators, some countries in Europe and Asia with the same number of population and smaller area show rapid growth and have huge economic indicators that are comparable to figures of the Russian Federation. But the indicators of economic development SFD worsen, mainly the North Caucasus republics. The situation in the south Russia is complicated due to natural population growth, lack of employment opportunities for people in the North Caucasus republics. The figures are well known. Federal Center is making great efforts to changing situation in the region. There were a lot of federal programs and national development of these territories, but not the desired effect is obtained, the funds for these programs, gradually “melt” is not showing concrete results. This explains the need for a national investment corporation “Area Development SFD”. Such a corporation organized and the subjects of the SFD by the Russian government could have branches in 46 districts of conventional defined the corporation and ensure the development of these conditioned areas. Branches of the corporation could take equity participation in the development of new companies with local entrepreneurs of the conditional area to assist in solving problems and ensure the preservation of invested funds to complete exit from the corporation to the company. At the initial stage of development corporation could assist in organizing and supporting companies for the production of import-substituting products. This will create the necessary conditions and the company will be able to improve production and Prepare for the foreign market. The main and essential condition for the establishment of the investment corporation is a corporation is not subject to the heads of subjects of the SFD-officials, all financial transactions made with the consent of corporate management and the projects financed by its own program. This takes into account the local conditions of the area on a return basis, and the heads of corporations are accountable only to Government of the Russian Federation.

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