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Ivan Kalita

November 22nd, 2013

After the liquidation of Ivan Kalita the last stronghold of Russian government – Novgorod and Pskov Carta, "the state becomes a kingdom. Apogee embodiment of the idea of absolute power reaches under Peter the Great, is not otherwise referred to as the Emperor. Such moral categories as the conscience and the measure of the power cease to exist. Rightly observes, vi S., that "appeal with the words of the elder and the father borrows its force and significance from the reverence that befits a senior general and parents in particular." Hence the derives the word "Fatherland". Handling the same with the word "gentleman" borrows its strength from the deference that should be vozdavaemo slaves of their masters. Thus, the name of the lord, but deference is still some humility of the person who used "4. In medieval Pskov to the administration of justice from among the boyars Prince formed the panel of judges, called the Lord.

Exactly in the same vein is consider the role of the Christian God, the Lord called, in its relations with submissive flock – slaves of God. According to the testimony, ba Rybakov, the Christian word "God" to the Slavs penetrated about 4 century bc. er. under the influence of southern Christian neighbors ready 5. Judeo-Biblical (Original) personal name of the Lord – hosts, Yahweh, Adonai, Elohim, Jehovah. Thus, its origin the word "state" first and foremost obligation to establish a public relations Chancery system power-subordination. No state has created this system, it only has designed it, moving at the same time to a new level.


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