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James Baldwin

July 24th, 2012

2. BY the MEMORIES OF the ALLEYS Nor everything what it is faced can be modified, but nothing it can be modified if it will not be faced. James Baldwin In last the two decades, we can consider as being almost a common sense the idea of that collective identities are constructions social politics and that they must be treated as such. Of this new perspective, it was transferred to affirm it that individuals construct its identities and that the maintenance of these identities depends on the resultant process of the kept interactions for these individuals in the process of understanding of itself proper and its interventions in the reality. Collective identities had passed to be understood to not only leave of an aggregate of social interactions, but also of the politician-strategical reason of social actors. After all, if identities are constructed, the one that interests they serve and who is those excluded of the process? The notion of identity, that breaches with the dichotomies between individual and society, passed and present, as well as between social practical science and, so is associated with the memory idea as this last one to the first one. The direction of continuity and present permanence in an individual or social group throughout the time depends in such a way on what it is remembered, how much what is remembered depends on the identity of who remembers.

When analyzing the workmanship Alleys of the memory, we cannot omit the origin and ethnic-social condition of that it writes. It is evident, in all the body of the workmanship the scienter of the author. Its marks of black woman of humble origin they are not camouflaged by a text ' ' romantizado' '. The black writer reveals in its totality, exposes itself integrally, leaves to penetrate us in its more recondite memories. She assumes yourself as that one that speaks and not of who if she speaks.


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