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February 23rd, 2014

He is lacked same is more ' ' vontade' ' politics ' ' criatividade' ' to administratar. When I speak of this will, I speak behind of an unconditional, sliding commitment even though of the partisan enemies, in the intention to bring optimum for the city. The people does not advance to be here of is there dying of loves for the city, if inside of the city hall terms somebody that places the second plain city in satisfying its personal egos, its revenge, or until worse that this, satisfying the will of any another political party who is. She is necessary that the people execre who still uses a city hall to practise ' ' politicagem' ' , cheap persecutions, that only reduce the good image politics of the city. I know well, that on the part of the pretense candidates, has much ' ' vontade' ' , but she is necessary that they league themselves, since already, that the problem also is in ' ' it lacks of vontade' ' of its allies, who generally will be the assessor futures, secretaries, coordinators and controlling.

If he will not have now as will be then its future administration? He is necessary that all that are working in a city hall if feel ' ' motivados' ' , valued, if they feel important inside of what they make. For in such a way, as already said, the Mayor must more be the person ' ' otimista' ' inside of a city hall, to be able to infect to all, every day. She is necessary to purge of the public job the commissioners who do not possess will and to punish the accomodated staff, but for this, we must have a mayor who is sufficiently uneasy to put into motion everybody. A good manager decentralizes its action, distributes responsibilities to its secretaries, clearly, with much criterion. Finally, as well as he must be any manager of this planet, it must be muitssimo receptive, glad, and spontaneous, to receive the people, entrepreneurs, politicians and the press, &#039 well; ' independently of color, race, creed, patent or party poltico' '. Even because, the city hall does not belong to no party and/or to no governor, it must be the administrative center of the city, where they must be, if possible, better of each area of the city working.

The choices of a mayor must primar for ' ' quality tcnica' ' not for the kinship next to an ally. Therefore, everything depends on the choices that the governor makes. When if it chooses that one that makes the same thing that another one made, without thinking about the individual potentiality of the individual, the explicit governor who its administration does not intend to pass of the beans with rice. Finally my people, I only wait that the people and the candidates can only make good choices in 2012! Mrio Sergio Melo Xavier


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