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Oscar Niemeyer Administrative

November 10th, 2013

Also leading in consideration that all the servers will be able as decree signed for the governor for the public officers of the Administrative City to reduce of eight for six hours, the hours of working. The day reduction will not imply loss of wage and in the case of the commissioned servers, it will be defined by the controllers of agencies or entities until they are adapted the new change. 4. THEORETICAL REFERENCIAL the present work searchs to develop a proposal of implantation of an Administrative Center in the city of Salt mines, leading in account the particularitities of the City of Salt mines and the reality lived deeply in the city of Belo Horizonte with the call Administrative City Tancredo Snows. New horizon if opens for Minas Gerais the inauguration after, in the vector North of the mining capital, of the Administrative City, mainly in terms of modern and integrated public administration. 4.1 What the magazine said the magazine To live Brazil To live Brazil folloied since the beginning all the evolution of the construction of the Administrative City that Acio governor Snows delivered to the mining people and to its bureaucracy as one of the great workmanships? seno the greater? of its administration. The Administrative City, project of the master Oscar Niemeyer, is also a landmark of Brazilian engineering and was constructed by three trusts integrated for the companies Andrade Gutierrez, Barbosa Mello, Camargo Corra, OAS, By Engineering, Norberto Odebrecht, Queiroz Galvo, Mendes Jnior and Santa Brbara, who had rigorously fulfilled the cronograma established for the workmanships. Viver Brazil made two supplements previously? one circulated in July of 2009 and another one in January of this year? now we deliver to this the third that we can consider description, showing finished workmanship. Acio governor Snows, beyond placing Mines in its place, was audacious in workmanships as the Administrative City, the Green Line and the duplication of the avenue Antonio Carlos in partnership with the city hall of Belo Horizonte.


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