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Michael Vyshegorodtsev

October 11th, 2017

In addition, the structure plan to support small businesses – the development of handicrafts, household services, as well as the development of social networks such as private child care institutions. In turn, the chairman of the Public Expert Council on Small Business and government under the mayor of Moscow, Alexander Ioffe, gave a brief retrospective of the development of small business capital. In 1987, the 90-ies. began in Russia 'Cooperation wave' – then the number of enterprises amounted to 20 thousand 'In some ways romantic stage of development of small business' – a nostalgic Joffe said. Boom in small business started from 1993 to 1997.

In that period, the number of enterprises was over 200 thousand Crisis of 1998 brought a loss – the number of enterprises decreased by 40 thousand currently in Moscow, about 300 thousand enterprises, 100 thousand of them – individual entrepreneurs. 'In 2007, gross output is 7 trillion rubles, and net income of entrepreneurs – 600 billion rubles' – he said. In this case, the chairman of the Public Expert Council for Small Enterprise dizzy with success does not feel – at least 'fly in the ointment' he's always there. Among the main problems that affect the small business development – corruption and administrative barriers. Responding to a question Kredit.ru, what steps will be taken to increase the availability of credit resources for small businesses, Michael Vyshegorodtsev noted that much has been done already in the past year, and in this speech is about fixing the results. The Minister said that since last year, the fund promote lending to small businesses in Moscow, providing a guarantee to banks for small businesses that lack collateral collateral for credit. In the contest for work in this system were selected 10 banks. It is worth noting that one of the banks – Rosbank already dropped out of the system, since not managed to set quotas for him to issue loans to small businesses.

Later held another contest, which was selected by an additional 8 banks. Currently, the Foundation for Assistance to Small Business Lending in Moscow working 17 banks. The Minister stressed that decision is made by the bank and the government provides guarantees. The decision on granting a loan shall not official, and the bank. In the event that the borrower does not repay the loan, 50% of fund returns, reducing the possible losses in result of banks' loan default twice. In the past year to finance the activities of the Fund from the capital budget received 500 million rubles. In addition, the federal budget has been allocated an additional 214 million in 2007 with the help of fund small businesses will provide over 600 loans totaling more than $ 4 billion. Recall that in the framework of the jubilee year for small business in Moscow scheduled for exhibitions, forums, conferences, roundtables, and some of these activities will take place not only in the capital, but in other regions, as well as abroad.


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