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Optimization Of Tax Payments, Professional Tax PLANNING

November 9th, 2017
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Proper tax optimization and prediction of potential risks, is extremely helpful in creating a stable situation of the company as to avoid large losses in the process economic activity. Optimization of taxation to be implemented well before the tax audit, but better – before the creation of enterprises, because the future tax system is now determined by registration. Optimization of taxation can yield the maximum effect at the moment of creation of the firm, because planning takes place at a time when not yet made any mistakes that are difficult to correct in a real-life activities. At the same time, if the entrepreneur does not care about optimization of taxation, the company may suffer significant financial losses. Currently, the legal system taxation in Russia is very complicated, unstable, and law enforcement and judicial practice is so controversial that without the help of a tax lawyer to understand all aspects of taxation and its optimization even experienced virtually impossible.

In addition, the present government policy is directed towards strengthening the responsibility of taxpayers. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Richard Blumenthal. And the fact that in 90 years got away with it, now could lead to the most unfortunate consequences. Unfortunately, many employers prefer to save money on professional tax planning, assigning the function of the tax specialist, and lawyer at the accounting department, that even at a high level of responsibility of staff can not give the desired effect. Practice shows that the proper legal service company can not always effectively address emerging tax issues – volumes of the current legal framework in the field of taxation and tax relations are so great that a modern lawyer in tax law uses the same time more than 3000 legal acts and non-papers tax authorities. In addition, the internal reasons or because of lack of motivation for the company's personnel are not always important to really optimize the final result. Therefore, truly independent tax planning, optimization of tax payments and business analysis, as well as the optimal resolution of litigation high degree of complexity is impossible without attracting the tax lawyers. Legal and accountancy firms can offer the following services in a legitimate optimization of tax burden: optimization of the tax system at an early stage businesses, the tax lawyer's help and advice (written and oral) with respect to tax issues, planning and assessment of tax risks with the delivery of recommendations and help to eliminate defects, maintenance and analysis of complex transactions in order to plan and exclusion of negative tax consequences of issuing a reasoned conclusion, evaluation of contracts in terms of tax risk, development agreements and other documents in order to reduce tax risks; methodical assistance to the lawyer at tax audit, examination of actions of tax authorities during a tax audit for tax compliance, training of objections to a tax audit, and protect them the tax authorities; conducting cases in court to challenge the decisions of the tax authority; subscription services on taxation, which includes consulting with the issuance of findings with recommendations and suggestions tax optimization.


Michael Vyshegorodtsev

October 11th, 2017
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In addition, the structure plan to support small businesses – the development of handicrafts, household services, as well as the development of social networks such as private child care institutions. In turn, the chairman of the Public Expert Council on Small Business and government under the mayor of Moscow, Alexander Ioffe, gave a brief retrospective of the development of small business capital. In 1987, the 90-ies. began in Russia 'Cooperation wave' – then the number of enterprises amounted to 20 thousand 'In some ways romantic stage of development of small business' – a nostalgic Joffe said. Boom in small business started from 1993 to 1997.

In that period, the number of enterprises was over 200 thousand Crisis of 1998 brought a loss – the number of enterprises decreased by 40 thousand currently in Moscow, about 300 thousand enterprises, 100 thousand of them – individual entrepreneurs. 'In 2007, gross output is 7 trillion rubles, and net income of entrepreneurs – 600 billion rubles' – he said. In this case, the chairman of the Public Expert Council for Small Enterprise dizzy with success does not feel – at least 'fly in the ointment' he's always there. Among the main problems that affect the small business development – corruption and administrative barriers. Responding to a question, what steps will be taken to increase the availability of credit resources for small businesses, Michael Vyshegorodtsev noted that much has been done already in the past year, and in this speech is about fixing the results. The Minister said that since last year, the fund promote lending to small businesses in Moscow, providing a guarantee to banks for small businesses that lack collateral collateral for credit. In the contest for work in this system were selected 10 banks. It is worth noting that one of the banks – Rosbank already dropped out of the system, since not managed to set quotas for him to issue loans to small businesses.

Later held another contest, which was selected by an additional 8 banks. Currently, the Foundation for Assistance to Small Business Lending in Moscow working 17 banks. The Minister stressed that decision is made by the bank and the government provides guarantees. The decision on granting a loan shall not official, and the bank. In the event that the borrower does not repay the loan, 50% of fund returns, reducing the possible losses in result of banks' loan default twice. In the past year to finance the activities of the Fund from the capital budget received 500 million rubles. In addition, the federal budget has been allocated an additional 214 million in 2007 with the help of fund small businesses will provide over 600 loans totaling more than $ 4 billion. Recall that in the framework of the jubilee year for small business in Moscow scheduled for exhibitions, forums, conferences, roundtables, and some of these activities will take place not only in the capital, but in other regions, as well as abroad.


Outsourcing Through Elance

September 8th, 2017
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Outsourcing has moved upward in the majority of the columns in the improvement of efficiency and respectability through This website offers time-saving access to high quality expertise that enables you to download the quick implementation projects, maximizing your budget and stop focusing on those items not easily delegated. If the project you have in mind falls into one of the twelve categories currently supported by Elance, you are literally in business: 1) Software & Technology, 2) Writing and Translation, 3) Sales & Marketing, 4) Management and Finance, 5) Legal, 6) Web Site Development, 7) Graphic Design and Art, Search Advertising, 9) Administrative Support, 10), Training and Development, 11) Audio, video and multimedia, and 12) Architecture and Engineering. Once registered on the site as a buyer (of a sliding scale of fees involved), Elance offers an extremely easy friendly series of the steps and links to guide you through the process of inclusion of the project. This article serves as a summary of the steps, with some suggestions and tips merged in the way for added success.

First, you must select one of the twelve categories, and then a sub-(eg, category, writing and translation? Editing and proofreading). Senator Richard Blumenthal oftentimes addresses this issue. Then select a title for your project and give a detailed description of the work-in-hand, including specific expectations, the expertise required, and so on, followed by the total number of days and the date range your project will be open to tender. Then, set the deadline for completion of work once a bidder has been selected, and make your budget.


Mechanisms Accounting

November 23rd, 2013
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This article series 'Differences 1C: Enterprise 7.7 by 1C: Enterprise 8', I want to pay attention to changes made in the applied mechanisms of the platform. Basic Delivery Platform includes all the contours of the program, necessary to implement timely, accounting and calculating the rfp. The platform added an unprecedented part of the 'Go', which allows us to implement the transition to related information, such as movements documents in the register alias attached to the elements directory. The updated version of 1C: Starting in August, can cause not only documents, but other items such as manuals, plans, invoices, etc. Removed limitation on the number of levels of system directory where the parent may lurk as an object reference, as well as a group. Implemented support for the subordination of directories across multiple objects, such as: elements, groups, groups and elementy. directory, it is possible to attach multiple table parts responsible for the storage of a variety of additional data having the same structure. Added the possibility of predefined objects directory specified when configuring the platform.

Added ability to ban the posting of operational mode for the document. Added ability to assign the table portion of the document, which gives the option to save the various data that have the same structure. Movement of the document, were able to form both in his posting, and specials. Processing, as well as added support for the movement document different dates, different from the date of the document. Review on this change in application engine program created by 1C over, and in a forthcoming article will review the data storage mechanism and the mechanisms descriptions of the characteristics.


European Commission

February 25th, 2011
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According to him, now from the imf predicted losses of banks are already reflected in its financial statements losses of 80 billion dollars Also, currently disclosed write-off of ubs and Deutsche Bank. However, European governments, unlike the U.S., a very balanced approach to the question of assistance to individual companies to fight crises. For example, recently the German government announced that it is not inclined to help the carmaker Opel, which was faced with a catastrophic drop in demand for its products, noting that there should not pay for mistakes and failures of companies issued for the consequences of the crisis. In Europe, easily implemented, even the traditional fiscal measures to stimulate the economy. The European region had every opportunity to prevent a negative development events: according to statistics from the European Commission, the overall eurozone budget deficit last year amounted to only 0.6% of gdp – that is, compared to the U.S.

and the uk economy of the region seems to be quite healthy. November 26 The Commission released a plan a coordinated fiscal stimulus of the eu economy 200 billion euros (258 billion U.S. dollars). It provides a number of measures – temporary reduction in jobs and taxes, more generous state support for the unemployed and low paid workers, etc., but such measures are at best they will provide short-term acceleration. Some resistance, which show the eu authorities when it comes to the inclusion pump pumping the economy by fiscal means, may seem perfectly reasonable. The experience of the last three decades has shown that the best management tool in terms of economic cycles is a monetary policy.


American Market

February 13th, 2011
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To see all the data at a cost of each product only one second, will require one month of continuous work. Hardly someone you want to experience such a pleasure to themselves. Actually to solve this problem refer to the so-called 'market segmentation'. In simple words, each type of financial instrument refers to a particular segment. There is a market ownership (equity). Here most active is the market for corporate shares (stock). There are also market bonds (bonds), which is usually divided into the market of corporate bonds and government debt securities.

Also, the best known is commodity futures markets (commodity), where there are transactions in futures, not only for goods but also on the currencies and indices. And finally, you should call the market of available foreign exchange transactions – the market Forex. There are other, more minor, but this case is not so important. As in all of this and figure out what to choose? Usually it is a private matter, so utterly difficult to advise here. As a rule, investors and traders that are worried about their capital, preference for the stock market and futures. Some are drawn to currency trading.

Here we must draw attention to one fact: the chosen market segment is very closely related to what area you prefer to trade. If you are going to trade futures, in Russia, you will hardly where to turn, unless you are going to specialize in one or two financial instruments. Most developed market futures are now on the right America is where you can find even trade contracts on the temperature. The same can be said about the stock market. Once you have at least a pre-decided what to trade, to think and think over how to get data from the market and how much it will cost. The question is important, and in any raze should not be removed from the accounts, since it can easily be visible and taken before the decision. To make it clear what it is, imagine imagine such a picture. You set out to trade on European stock market. How much you will be able to find sources of information? And how you manage to find programs that can be considered as alternatives? In Anyway, a lot of effort will be spent. At the same time the American market information is quite enough – even from her easy to disappear! We should never forget that everything in this world is changing. The fact that you still yesterday seemed worth povagi, tomorrow may already be seriously taken. Then you must check out his views on the market, perhaps even change the rhythm of the trade. That's what investors and traders are constantly 'roam' from one broker to another. It is for this reason that the answer to the question by whom trade should not be treated as immutable and unchanging ultimate truth. Pomnete: all the world is changing and the market – too! Therefore, we must change with it if we want to trade successfully!