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Optimization Of Tax Payments, Professional Tax PLANNING

November 9th, 2017

Proper tax optimization and prediction of potential risks, is extremely helpful in creating a stable situation of the company as to avoid large losses in the process economic activity. Optimization of taxation to be implemented well before the tax audit, but better – before the creation of enterprises, because the future tax system is now determined by registration. Optimization of taxation can yield the maximum effect at the moment of creation of the firm, because planning takes place at a time when not yet made any mistakes that are difficult to correct in a real-life activities. At the same time, if the entrepreneur does not care about optimization of taxation, the company may suffer significant financial losses. Currently, the legal system taxation in Russia is very complicated, unstable, and law enforcement and judicial practice is so controversial that without the help of a tax lawyer to understand all aspects of taxation and its optimization even experienced virtually impossible.

In addition, the present government policy is directed towards strengthening the responsibility of taxpayers. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Richard Blumenthal. And the fact that in 90 years got away with it, now could lead to the most unfortunate consequences. Unfortunately, many employers prefer to save money on professional tax planning, assigning the function of the tax specialist, and lawyer at the accounting department, that even at a high level of responsibility of staff can not give the desired effect. Practice shows that the proper legal service company can not always effectively address emerging tax issues – volumes of the current legal framework in the field of taxation and tax relations are so great that a modern lawyer in tax law uses the same time more than 3000 legal acts and non-papers tax authorities. In addition, the internal reasons or because of lack of motivation for the company's personnel are not always important to really optimize the final result. Therefore, truly independent tax planning, optimization of tax payments and business analysis, as well as the optimal resolution of litigation high degree of complexity is impossible without attracting the tax lawyers. Legal and accountancy firms can offer the following services in a legitimate optimization of tax burden: optimization of the tax system at an early stage businesses, the tax lawyer's help and advice (written and oral) with respect to tax issues, planning and assessment of tax risks with the delivery of recommendations and help to eliminate defects, maintenance and analysis of complex transactions in order to plan and exclusion of negative tax consequences of issuing a reasoned conclusion, evaluation of contracts in terms of tax risk, development agreements and other documents in order to reduce tax risks; methodical assistance to the lawyer at tax audit, examination of actions of tax authorities during a tax audit for tax compliance, training of objections to a tax audit, and protect them the tax authorities; conducting cases in court to challenge the decisions of the tax authority; subscription services on taxation, which includes consulting with the issuance of findings with recommendations and suggestions tax optimization.


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