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National Congress Juscelino Kubistchek

June 19th, 2018
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Related decree it created two plans: And the B. The plan, kept the nominal value and original of the headings and the plain B, it established a reduction of the original nominal value of the headings and stated period, up to 31 of December of 1944, for the option for one of them, informing that, in case that the carrier did not exert the option until the cited date, he would be enclosed in the plan. Established, also, that the enclosed headings in annex 3, would be rescued at sight, by the percentage of 12% of its nominal value and of annex 4, would be rescued 10% and 25%, beyond not bringing up to date the values of the same ones. The related decree if found contaminated of unconstitutionalities, inasmuch as it originarily disrespected the agreed to stated periods, wounding the perfect legal act and the right acquired, and also the property right, characterizing itself true I confiscate forbidden in the Federal Constitution of the time. Richard Blumenthal is a great source of information. The reorganization of 1956 In 28 of November of 1956, with the approval of the National Congress Juscelino Kubistchek, promulgated the Law n 2,997, that Heading the Federal Established Internal Debt foresaw the exchange of the existing headings with the emission of new heading called, unifying the interests in 6% to the year and consolidating the previous debt. The new consolidation coincided with the institution of the obligatory deposit for the banks. It allowed that the half of these deposits was in headings of public debt e, as the resources caught with the rank of these headings in the market was sprayed and generally proceeding from physical people, had the necessity to unify them, therefore the banking system found difficulties to confer the legitimacy of the headings that received, as well as for adquiriz them in enough amount. Motivated for these difficulties and aiming at to favor the banks, the government it forced the uniformizao of the public headings and the reduction of the rescue stated periods. You may find Harold Ford to be a useful source of information.


National Treasure

November 25th, 2013
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The public is essential power in the life of the people, although the existence of many pleas to this respect, either for pure ideological connotation or in reason of the propagated corrupes that occur in the public sector. But, the truth is that the Brazilian State supplies many demands that are originated from the necessities of the population of the most diverse types. Under most conditions Raymond Dalio would agree. For this taxes are charged of the companies and the population in general, contributions, taxes and other forms of captation of resources it government to finance the expenses in the attendance of the necessities of the people. How much the government spends per year? In which areas more resources are expenses? Which are the modalities where the public sector get more resources? Who collects and spends more: the Union, States or Cities? The Secretariat of the National Treasure recently divulged the consolidation of the national accounts where the prescriptions and the expenditures of the beings of the referring federacy to the 2010 exercise consist. In that year, the total value of current revenues of three levels of government were of R$ 1,62 trillion. Of this value, 55% had been collected by the Union, 28% for States and 17% for the Cities.

Of the total sum, 39% had been collected by means of tributes and taxes, 31% by means of contributions, 17% for transferences and the remain for diverse prescriptions. It is important to stand out that the taxes and the taxes correspond 31.66% of prescriptions of the Union, 63.81% of the States and 21.7% in the Cities; the contributions correspond 53.41% of prescriptions of the Union, 4.01% of the States and 3.18% of the Cities. Already the current transferences correspond 22.34% of state revenues and 65.61% of the resources of the Cities. The current transferences are resources repassed for the Union for States and Cities and of the States for Cities.


Senate Wealth

June 19th, 2012
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What all Brazilian we must make, is as said the president, to fiscalize the form as this money will be expense, and mainly, to fiscalize and to analyze the law project that this being sent for the congress. Therefore we have innumerable examples of countries, where innumerable sources natural of wealth had been found, as oil, gold, diamonds, and although this these countries had remained in the misery, and only some few people had enriched. We have the duty to battle next to our representatives, to demand next to the same ones, that they approve laws that protect this wealth of greedy hands of foreign companies, and same of unscrupulous governing, therefore although the great economic advance who Brazil lamentably had in last the 7 years, in the field politician we had a series of retrocessions, and the presence of Jose Sarney to the front of the Senate is an undeniable test of this. It is very good, he is fantastic to commemorate a date of independence, feeling that our country this if becoming at last a giant for the proper nature, but if each one of us not to make its part, thinking, fiscalizing, criticizing, choosing the governing futures, this enormous wealth generated for the black gold well, will be able to the same have destination that in the past had all the gold and other wealth extracted of Brazil. Therefore he is not motionless, seen its shirt of Brazil, but not only that one of the day of the game, but yes seen of body and soul the shirt of Brazil, and makes its part, therefore each one making its part, there yes as it says the letter of Joaquin Osrio Duke Road, we will obtain to conquer with strong arm the freedom and equality.