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June 29th, 2013

In recent years, I have listened to many candidates claim that they have sent hundreds of sheets of lives to several companies while searching for work. These candidates firmly believe that the job search is a numbers game, therefore think that among more resumes they send, it is more likely to be hired. Unfortunately, these candidates were not thinking correctly. While it is true that should actively apply to jobs in order to get one, it is also true that sending a resume widespread dozens of employers for vacancies that you are not qualified is a big waste of time. The job search will take much of your personal time, and can be especially difficult for those who already are working full time. If you only have three hours per week that you can dedicate to job hunting, chances are it will go better if you spend an hour to each of the applications well focused rather than take 15 minutes per application and present twelve applications by hour.

Today the competition is tough for every vacancy that there is. Last week I was speaking with an employer who had received 300 applications for an administrative position. Many of the applicants had graduate degrees, but could not find a job suitable for their high-level titles. Against that volume of applications, a resume widespread almost always goes directly to the trash. Your challenge as a candidate is the creation of a cover letter and a resume that really stands out against the director of human resources for each vacancy of jobs to which you apply. The truth is that doing this requires spending a significant amount of time in all applications send.

A solution is to hire a professional resume writer. One of the great advantages of hiring a professional writer of resumes is the amount of time that you save in your search for employment. A qualified writer will spend time learning about who you are as a person and as a candidate. Then, create documents which require only minimal change for each job application you submit. By hiring a professional you make the best use of your valuable time since professional is in better condition to play the numbers game by submitting a greater number of high-quality applications. It is the quality of the applications, not the quantity, that ultimately helps you be hired. Original author and source of the article.


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