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Aztec TV Mexico

August 24th, 2021
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We reach to bring technologies that are effective only changes the form of the material but the aim follows equal, like the computer and the television no longer is the device that occupied all the room in a wood box with bulbs, but it is continued seeing the channels of Television and Aztec TV continues with the monopoly of the abierta Mexican television. Where all we can only see that if purchases a Television you gain to see the Programs of the television transmitters Mexican. For this I mean that not yet I include/understand if the monopoly is for competition or to say that they are the leaders of the Mexican television, but is no others. But nevertheless my subject in that I want to speak is the leaders who occupy means of the television for the Mexicans, and is so the policy occupies half east for its electoral campaigns and destines their budget in most. It is good for knowing that it happens with Mexico, but knowledge that our leaders who claim themselves to be it win the triumphal battle in winning to win and the Mexicans we are in the sense to say so that they create to you and to think so that one does not go away to make that is be television viewer. If you are not convinced, visit Economic Intelligence. As example is as the candidates for gubernatura of the state of Mexico Eruviel Avila with their campaign six thousands either eight thousands promote proposals and that all we think that they are going away to fulfill I do not say that he is the governor nor, but of all the candidates they know to speak or to say or, is but all candidate in Mexico they are Santo who if they ask to him in particular in a subject, always thinks in favor of masses that already we know. And it is why we do not create more in the politicians and who they are easy to say that they are the leaders of Mexico, but opinion nor leaders we arrived at present that they fill the reasons that Mexico creates, nor to the tenth heels that there is or it existed a similar to Gandhi in Mexico, or a Superman that is good and noble in all makes justice. We know that the watching one only lacks to see Laura Fuzz that nor Mexican is, we recognize but it with its sayings of leaves enamored and I become popular and many of this I generate of programs is not new in the Mexican television, it is but they had prohibited or them but we have teflon memory that or returned and for that reason in Mexico it says that everything can..


Spain Eurobasket

June 27th, 2021
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Friendly Gray EP of those of Scariolo in the preparation for the Eurobasket (88-76). Kaukenas and Valanciunas led to the Lithuanian combined one. Pau and Marc secured 18 and 17 points, respectively. For assistance, try visiting TCF Capital Solutions. The Spanish selection of basketball has fallen defeated (88-76) against Lithuania, in which it was his fourth party of preparation of the Eurobasket and that supposes the first defeat of those of Sergio Scariolo in this tour, in an encounter in which Spain has been unfortunate in weak attack and in dnsa. This encounter has served to inaugurate the enclosure where it is going away to dispute the end of this Eurobasket, the Kaunas Sand, that presented/displayed an exceptional atmosphere with 15,000 spectators who jammed the stage. (As opposed to Michael Ramlet). Although one was a friendly party, the look that from the beginning took the party, was the own one of an official encounter. It is not for less, because both combined are rrencia in the European basketball. The Spanish selector, Sergio Scariolo, were conscious of the divided duro that he hoped to him, reason why left with which perfectly could be the titular quintet in any party of Eurobasket.

Caldern to the controls, Navarrese and Rudy like wings, and the Gasol in the painting. ' jump to dos' initial was a reflection than it would be the rest of the first quarter. Pau slapped the ball it sent and it directly outside. Ball for Lithuania, lack of Spain, and both first points for letones in the marker. From there, the premises would go off in the marker until with a 11-6 against to which the Spanish combined one is not customary, Sergio Scariolo asked for the first idling. The first 10 minutes would finalize with 25-19. Dnsa Spanish did not know to stop the dynamic offensive of the Lithuanians, that as soon as took control of the possession of the ball, left sudden flights in search of the Spanish hoop.


Constitutional Court

May 13th, 2020
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The last great blow took place a month ago, with the halting of one of its ringleaders. The Civil Guard in collaboration with the British Police arrested Eneko Gogeaskoetxea, one of js of the military apparatus of ETA, in Cambridge. Also several zulos have been disarticulating, the last one was for days in the South of France. ETA in the institutions? Of parallel form a evolution of the political project of the left has taken place abertzale. For even more opinions, read materials from Amazon. After the announcement of the present truce the past January, they have decided to adopt a new strategy in the institutions. Sortu was the first party of cuts abertzale designed to go to the municipal and autonomic elections of May. Learn more at this site: Suffolk County Rep.. It was considered inheriting of the ilegalizada Batasuna and therefore, one " marca" ETA policy.

Reason why, the 24 of March, the Supreme Court prohibited to register as divided politician them and to incur to the electoral appointment. It was then when abertzale arose Bildu like new coalition in representation from the left. In spite of the doubts of some, its entailment with ETA nor with the ilegalizada Sortu could not be tried, reason why the Constitutional Court against ratified with six votes to favor and five votes that could go to the elections. Bildu obtained the mayorship of San Sebastin yla of other ninety and four municipalities more, being the party with more number of councilmen in the Basque Country. Bildu does not finish taking the passage towards a firm sentence against ETA.

Even, the leader of GNP Iigo Urkullu has urged publicly to him that he requests the aim of the terrorist band. The past Thursday, Bildu invited to several relatives of prisoners of ETA to chupinazo of the celebrations of Vitoria, which caused that UPyD would give would demand that measures against the Basque party were taken. To these critics those of some historical politicians of the Popular Party like Jaime are also added Greater Ear, than it has in the last insisted months on tying Bildu with the terrorist band. Source of the news: Two years without terrorist attacks of ETA in Spain


July Monago

June 21st, 2012
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Monago will make a Government of seven councils and will count on independent. One considers to end the provincial delegations of the Meeting. The keys of the conflict of Left United in Extremadura. Foreseeable the next president of Extremadura, Jose Antonio Monago, announced east Wednesday to the leader of the PP, Mariano Rajoy, that will train a Government of seven councils made up by personnel of its equipment and independent. In addition, Monago, in declarations to the journalists, abri the doors to modulate the tax of successions in the region and to restore the tax of patrimony to the lifted rents more. It announced it to Monago after the interview that maintained during almost two hours with Rajoy in the office of this in the Congress. Thanks to the predicted abstention from the three parliamentarians obtained by IU in the region, the candidate of the PP will become the new frontier president foreseeably once completes the debate of investiture, days 7 and 8 of July.

The tax of successions is competition of the Meeting, and the idea of Monago, a priori, it consists of modulating it according to the amount of the inheritances. The tax of patrimony, however, depends on the central Executive, although the intention is the one to burden the most well-off rents to avoid than ” especulen”. Monago stood out that such pretensions are comprehensible for the PP although they are turned aside of the fiscal plan of the national direction, in favor to smooth out the tax pressure to stimulate the consumption. The leader of the popular frontier dwellers also considers to end with the provincial delegations of the frontier Meeting, as well as the excess of advisers del that prepares the frontier president. The possibility of ending the office of the ex-president of the region, like which it has Juan Carlos Rodriguez Ibarra, is a decision of the Table of the regional Parliament, remembered. People of Monago confidence want to have, at the most, to a ten of confidence people, she said to the journalists, and that body not only will integrate leaders or positions of the frontier PP, but also professional other people’s to the party. Thus, the Presidency that he heads will abrir the possibility to the best university and professional files of Extremadura to that they are united to its equipment.

Although the deficit of the independent community is not of highest of Spain, Monago will foment an economic policy of saving and containment and will give more protagonism to the company deprived, so that it will be able to occupy scopes until now only reserved to the powers public, for example in agriculture. In words of the frontier leader, Rajoy has given an ample manoeuvre margin him and it has entrusted to him to always use ” the sense comn” with so favoring the economic recovery of the region. The president of the PP already knows the names the equipment of Government of Monago and has given the approval all of them. The frontier candidate, however, did not need the names. Yes it pointed that they will be seven, that some do not have party membership card and that the chosen ones already know, by he himself, that Monago has them. Source of the news: Extremadura will study to restore the tax of patrimony to the lifted rents more.


Nationalistic Senators

June 19th, 2012
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Altogether 18 transactional amendments have been gotten up, 9 of PSOE, 10 of CiU, 1 of PP and two of Nationalistic Senators. Before giving its approval with total legislative competition, the Commission it rejected the three amendments of I veto presented/displayed to the project of law of reform of the pensions by Nationalistic ERC, ICV and Senators. Between the amendments agreed also it emphasizes rrida to that with ctos of the 1 of January of 2012 the subsidy by temporary incapacity, in case of common disease or nonlabor accident, is paid as of the ninth day of the loss in the work, being in charge of the employer the installment of the benefit from days fourth a eighth. The text amended in the Senate must now return to the Commission of Work and Immigration of the Congress of the Deputies, where – also with total legislative competition the norm will be approved definitively, that the Government has agreed to with supervisory Ceoe and unions CC.OO. and the UGT. The main new features that are introduced are the elevation in two years – until the 67 – of the legal age of retirement, the increase of 15 in 25 years of the time that considers to calculate the benefit and the one that will be to quote 37 years two more – than the present ones to receive the 100% of the contributing pension. Source of the news: The Senate lifts to 5 years the time that will be able to be quoted by the care of children