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Philippine Islands Avenue

March 15th, 2013
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The victim, a 46-year-old man, was dragged by the current. Resuscitation maneuvers were useless and the doctors certified death. A man of 46 years, with domicile in Alcala de Henares (Madrid), has died Tuesday while bathing in the Henares Canal at the height of the village of Yunquera de Henares (Guadalajara), once you hit in the head and he was dragged by the current. The Civil Guard has reported this Wednesday in a statement that the event took place on the afternoon of Tuesday, around 1640 hours, when persons accompanying the deceased to the armed Institute reported his disappearance. According to the note, the Guardia Civil gave notice to the emergency service 112, which sent the place firefighters that they incorporate to the search work initiated by the patrol of the post of Yunquera de Henares. Thus, the body of the missing person was located at 1750 hours on the inside of the channel at the height of the Philippine Islands Avenue in the village of Yunquera. The manoeuvres of resuscitation were useless and doctors certified death at 1820 hours. The organic unit of the Judicial Police of the Guardia Civil has opened proceedings to determine the cause of death. Source of the news: dies to be a blow on the head when bathing in the Canal del Henares

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Australian Years

February 20th, 2013
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The Australian, winner of the 2011 Tour. It has transformed in recent years to break his second son fame. It will not stop until you reach the Tour, recently claimed his father. At age 8, an accident was about to leave him disabled. At 34 years, Cadel Evans has meant on this Tour who has won all a sign of the obstinacy of a singular cyclist, cold, calculating, stubborn, that has been transformed in recent years to break his second son fame. It will not stop until you reach the Tour, recently claimed his father in an interview in which defined his Rod as an obstinate obsessive athlete in the preparation of its objectives.

Evans does not meet any of the cliches of cycling, in the way they run or life. The first Australian to win the Tour comes from another world, in a hemisphere where cycling has no such predicament as in Europe. Formed in mountain biking. It is methodical and timid, hates the foci of the media circus, just grants interviews and rejects all the benefits of Fame. It prefers silence removal, classical music listening with his wife, Italian piano teacher, or reading her beloved Tintin comic.

The Australian completed a perfect Tour, faithful to its condition of methodical calculator, which has dominated in all areas. He controlled the mountain, giving an acceptable time for striking the final blow in the final time trial, which had been prepared with the precision of a surgeon. Toured it three weeks before the Dauphine, which mimicked the same route, and recorded details of each section, almost every curve. In that test he played it more as a preparation to in order to win it and subsequently returned to recognize it once more. Nothing is left to chance. The success is in the small details, says. His 2011 Tour has been the bottom rung of its renewal, started two years ago when he managed the worldwide Mendrisio and broke with his second son fame.

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