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North America

November 16th, 2015
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Late on September 26, Beijing yapolo nations building time excessive colour, fur culture connected world, the 8th yapolo fur festival grand opening. The fur day by all nations the building owner committee, red bottom shoes the international fur association, the China international leather products trading commission fur, Copenhagen leather, North America fur association, minsheng bank ChaoYangMen branch joint assisted. The opening ceremony, not only from all parties fur traders participate, and guests from Russia and pay attention to the activities of the territorial government leadership to attend relevant. The fur d air-balled a better and more optimal the Beijing and the fur industry development for the purpose, let China s fur culture deeply people life, cheap foamposites lead the world trend. Beijing is the largest garment specializes in foreign window yapolo, emerged in the 1980 s, by the dozens of small booth to the present number to commercial building development.

By this year, christian louboutin pas cher yapolo fur festival has been held successfully for the 8. Not only for fur center and the nearby merchant provides a commodity exhibition space, but also for the domestic and foreign buyers to provide a good business platform. From the first day start, we will give our Chinese tree fur fur brand idea on the work of the first place, through for many years a series of the effective work and practice, yapolo fur has become Beijing and China fur industry a golden card. Fur festival organizers person in charge told reporters. We had held yapolo fur section of the original intention is to lead more merchants at home and abroad to know, cognitive yapolo this market, at the same time for buyers to provide better choice. The organizers said now with fur day all the functions and contents of the continuous improvement, fur day not only for the development of yapolo bring a lot of vitality, but also for Beijing foreign trade add a lot of colour. According to statistics, in Beijing, from Russia in the $3, 2 dollars were put into the pockets of yapolo business; To be a year of Russia, eastern Europe and Africa, Arab countries businessman more than 6000 people, and this 6000 average each person to be purchasing goods is more than 15000 dollars; In the yapolo, the businessman turnover every day more than $100, 98% of the products are exported to Russia, Ukraine, Canada, Libya, Romania and so on more than 30 countries, the annual foreign trade up to 200 RMB. Today s fur day has far not original for yapolo development and exist, it has-been Beijing and the world closely together. Talk about fur festival held, the significance of the host says to the reporter.

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Wine World

April 29th, 2013
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The wine world has these things. Peter Sisseck, Danish winemaker that has revolutionized the world of wine, whose Pingus has been placed among the best wines in the world, a persecuted cult object, despite its price (up to 1,500 euros per bottle in vintages as of 1995), by the whole world are wants to pay a tribute to the traditional elaborations of the Ribera del Duero in your next project.But not only that. The plan that has been designed is completely green in all its aspects and includes, alongside the production of wine, the development of vegetable gardens, fruit trees and plantations until management and livestock that will get the trash that will generate compost for the vineyards to pay. All ecological. The central axis of this complex is the winery, whose dependencies will occupy several buildings that added 3,000 square meters and which is designed to vinify around 300,000 litres of a wine conceived the old-fashioned, or at least that is the intent of Sisseck. The preparation room consists of large deposits of concrete and wood and the use of oak barrels will be exceptional.

It will have them but they will be old, indicates the winemaker, who had already produced the first vintage of this wine whose name is committed to waiting for your final approval and whose label will include an old and slender vine, with its included roots, as the only visual element in the image of the new wine, bottled in Burgundian bottle in 2007. The work will begin in March 2010 and is expected to be completely finished in 2014. It is, in the words of his promoter, make a winery not very big, with a wine’s quality and a reasonable price that we work with grapes from the Ribera del Duero; that not all Peter wines are expensive. One of the fundamental reasons which has led him to promote this new Winery is the loss of the main assets of the Ribera del Duero: old vines which, although very named all wine projects, is rather scarce.