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The Original

June 8th, 2011

Limited in the manifestation of of a natural instinct for men ', refuse to reproduce. Their territory, and women occupy other men who have not lost their natural environment hunter and miner. Modern a man who does not have a true desire to achieve something, often feel 'squeezed lemon, chasing a chimera of external success to anyone but themselves. In this case, there is a sense of limited resources and funds, and increasing the number of competitors with whom we should fight more sophisticated ways, as open aggression is illegal. As a result, driven to the depths of the soul natural male aggression finds a way to alcoholism, depression and disease, impotence, household petty disassembly, or refusal to do something to achieve success, lesson, 'feminine' position, dependent position, or breaks in the non-constructive aggression pursued by the law. All of this – from not feeling their own source of energy, or leading idea, which would be a natural way to clear a space for your initiatives, contribute to the success.

But you can find a path to the source of his personal power. And this way you can get in this course, during which join the original source of the male Yang forces. test How to identify the lack of male Yang energy? 1. The first signs of lack of – a strong dependence on the estimated konretnoy women (other people in general), the desire to make it (they) continually proven to you how they appreciate how much you mean to them.


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