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Tiger Woods

November 22nd, 2013

This article is important because it identifies an area that has remained in the dark for many years in the world of sport and were only interested in it that were then the best players in the world. I am convinced that also Tiger Woods, and others, train this area in a comprehensive way. To explain you what is this number 4 of the Golf area, I’m going to submit to a mental coach, Paul calls and works in a golf club with players they need and dare to form in the mental aspect of the game. I leave you with he Paul had to give a talk to some professional Golf players. Since he had begun to work with golf players had realized the reactions little enthusiasts who woke up between people talking about mental training.

He thought for a long time how to troubleshoot this initial resistance. I knew that I first had to change what people are represented in his mind when someone spoke to them to train the mental part. It was gradually developing the script for chat players professionals: would use the power of words to shape, in the eyes of attendees, the hollow that has always existed in the world of sport globally, and particularly in golf. The time has come. Paul traveled to the capital to give the talk in Congress of golf. His audience was numerous and composed mostly of active professional players. Went to them with a smile:-Hello everyone and thanks for attending this talk. I have come to speak of the Mental training in golf and I would like to ask you a question: who want to start it? No hand was lifted immediately. After a while that became incredibly long (ten seconds) two players timidly raised hand. -Go exclaimed Pablo-does not seem that this issue gives rise to much enthusiasm among you.


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