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Village Abundance

September 23rd, 2012

They had stolen my documents. I want to speak with the commission agent. – The commission agent is in house, sleeping said the policeman. At this moment, the man drew one to dig and relieved the policeman. He gave a signal with the hand so that the others three came in its aid. Soon they had invaded the police station. They had asked for the key to the jailer and had opened the cell where she was the journalist.

Also the journalist helped to moor the three policemen and to lock them in the cell. After that, men had run away with the journalist. It was taken for the Village Abundance. He would be of great importance for the community. It considered the commanders of Village Abundance that it would work in alfabetizao of inhabitants and in the pamphlet creation, to politicize them.

The journalist remembered to the Jorjo and the Z of the performance of a French writer in the Cuban revolution. * Two years had been transferred and more they did not exist illiterate in the community of the Village Abundance. The group of Z had evolved very with the aid of some colleges student who went hidden for there, sent for the Party, in the weekends and the vacations. The school was extended, they had constructed plus that would be inaugurated soon, had evolved in agriculture that was diversified. After the first attack, Exercito tried more two times. The second time with ten cars and cinquenta men and the third time, with weapons and vehicles heavy that had had that to be in the way, therefore the group of defense of the Village Abundance had blown up the three bridges that gave access to the Village. The Government had ordered money for the reconstruction of the bridges, however the mayor had deviated the money and the bridges had not been constructed.


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