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October Quot

December 5th, 2011

And ethnic weddings and house construction by joint efforts – it's bound to be. But not now: a bit later. – We have nowhere to each other not to go, – says a resident of the Suburban Area Ossetian President Valiev – and personally I have "matured" to the fence stood Ingush home. But my neighbor, "not yet ripe." "Maturation" should contribute to interethnic harmony social infrastructure Suburban residents, regardless of their ethnicity. However, in this context, it specifically about the problems of Ingush, so it is reasonable consider urgent problem is through this prism. Your opinion on this subject with a reporter, "SC" is divided into the head of administration adviser Suburban Region Tarkoev Idris.

Incidentally, ethnic Ingush. – One of the main "zagvozdok" in tackling social and domestic problems of internally displaced persons is to receive funds from the Federal Migration Service, – says Mr. Tarkoev – delay in providing benefits through "migratsionku" suspend the construction of Ingush homes. Laid them on the law of money people can not get more than a year – from October 2008. Especially insulting to those who have already started construction before they can get the original loan. Especially because the people are, where capital construction: Ingush refugees recently allocated 150 hectares of arable land near the settlement of May. Incidentally in this village and to the conflict, and after the compact of ethnic Ingush. On these acres, "sliced" 400 plots for the refugees.

About ten of them have already built the foundation and brick walls rise up. Is non-payment of allowances, this building will be protracted? – By the law I need to get laid my money – Aslan Khamatkhanov complains – but in reality this money I do not see. Act without its mandatory execution – all the same verdict that "you can not pardon executed" without the comma. Well, who finally put a comma in the right place? Aslan likes to philosophize, and he did it pretty well: at school he was an excellent student. Speaking of school. In the village of New, which grow roots Ingush refugees today, will soon be their average institution. Two floors of the future school has been built. It is possible that a modern four-storey building will be commissioned in 2010 – for the new academic year. So, life goes on – all conflicts of spite.

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