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October 3rd, 2013

Another afternoon in which the master was resting his feet on a jar with salt water and Sergei was preparing to give a massage with balsam, the Siberian Hare said to him: the truth, teacher, and without wanting to get into this bustle that you bring in the evenings, on the other side of the River, is that it would be better that you compartierais with the community so that they enslaved in this way. Because look how you bring your feet and how you have hands! In addition, you’re slimming the two worrying way. Ay Sergei, Sergei. According to the Saints books of the West, all misfortune ensued to men when they claimed to know the secrets of the sky without being properly prepared. And who were responsible for that were not prepared and, what is worse, that they knew that there were other dimensions that could make them happier? Therefore the gods! Do not trust appearances, young Sergei. Apart from that it’s literary genres so that we can understand it, the men had, in its origin, everything you need to be happy if they lived according to his nature. Then, why not could they eating of that tree of wisdom which would make them as gods? That was cheating. It had everything, but his huge mistake was not recognizing it.

They believed that they could be as gods when they were already so, Sergei, I were! And now? We can not be, Sergei. It’s fall in the account by detaching us from so many scabs that they obscure our mind. Watch the bamboos that we have planted a few years ago. Do you see them? Yes, master. No two are alike, some are taller than others, some more weak, other greener, some carry water and others are dry, some are inclined to step of the wind and others resist because they believe older. And they are all bamboos, Sergei!


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