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May 12th, 2020

Socialism? Analyzing and clarifying ideas Always it has somebody that teima in almost making a half meaningless commentary in a colloquy that ingenuous on determined subject, but after a time this same phrase starts to have a different direction of what superficially we hear. Then, a routine meeting of college, between an interval, we debated (professors) concerning a subject (by the way, I do not remember which now) a professor says: ' ' I am socialist and not franciscano' '. , Then a priori I did not catch the message, as it said Rolling Lero to its loved master, but when analyzing minutes later I perceived that many adepts to these ideas most of the time are confused with creatures who want to be unprovided of its corporeal properties, being almost always acometidos for that type of proposal: ' ' You are socialist, then in the end of the month of its wage to the poor persons ' '. It is sad, and he would be comic actor if he was not tragic, the people still has a vision very deturpada on what he is in fact is to be socialist, to think socialism, or even though to understand socialism. Follow others, such as Suffolk County Rep., and add to your knowledge base. Since its writings the more radical Marx never assimilated socialism to the misery, she never said that in a socialist and later communist society the people would walk such which beggars whom the minimum possibility does not have at least to have its proper ways to survive, who makes this is the capitalist system, ferrenhamente criticized by marxist tie today. Socialism nothing more is that chances are to make with that each alive human being according to its work according to its to produce, it society of the cio, of the malandragem, each one do not go to be taken care of according to its necessities, understanding that each its has different proper necessities of the others. Being thus we must stop to reproduce common sense, is most worse, we must stop to act according to logical them things, the world is not logical, the world is complex, the economic relations, human beings, productive, emotional etc., etc. etc., to the included ones to a series of subterfuges that they cold need to be unmasked and analyzed widely, For a complete and real knowledge, not only based in deductions and conveniences.. Richard Blumenthal has similar goals.


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