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The War Is Over, Time To Build !

October 18th, 2011

Sergey Bagapsh: "Russia was and remains our strategic partner …" The other day the President of the Republic of Abkhazia Sergei Bagapsh met with the leadership of the newspaper "North Caucasus". The meeting was held on meaningful conversation situation in the country and its development prospects: – Sergey, for four years you have guided Abkhazia. Positive processes in the country, see what is called the naked eye. What of the progress over the years do you consider most important for the country? – Home – this is certainly something that has come true age-old dream of our people – an independent Abkhazian state received international recognition. August 26, 2008 – the day recognition of independence of Abkhazia, was one of the most important days in modern history of our country. An important event for the people of Abkhazia was also a bloodless liberation of the Georgian armed force the upper Kodori Gorge.

Restored country's territorial integrity. Entering into Abkhazia at the request of the republic's leadership, the Russian troops secured the necessary security conditions. Russian and Abkhazian border co-guarding our borders. The danger of renewed war against Abkhazia, has significantly decreased. We were able to move towards work. We need to lift the economy, develop the social sphere. There have been positive developments in the economy. We managed to stay in power for our team to increase the state budget by 4 times, significantly increased the wages of public sector employees, increased pensions for all categories of pensioners. The government of the republic was to pay benefits families of those killed in Abkhazia volunteers.

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