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Difficult Work

November 9th, 2013

Cultivator – Garden Tools needed for the soil of any garden or backyard area. Cultivators loosened and stirred the earth, making fertilizer, compost, peat, improve soil structure for optimal admission of air, water and nutrients elementov. (loosening) produce several times a year, on demand of, for example, before planting or in a drought for moisture conservation. This procedure is carried out by rotating in the soil tillers – special knives with sickle-shaped. The benefits of cultivation: Removing old grass, which retards the growth of young grass and significantly impairs drainage. Improved air access to outlet of the roots of plants.

Rise creeping weeds, then what can be mowed. Create good conditions for the formation of new shoots. For all the self-importance, this work is very labor intensive, and usually one good cultivation in the year – in spring – is enough. In a large farm for each type of work applied its own technology, 'specialized' on something specific. For private trader with his six hundred square meters, this approach overly spendthrift, he needed a versatile and inexpensive machine – jack of all trades. Such requirements are met by cultivators. On power tillers can be divided into 'light' and 'heavy' or semiprofessional. 'Light' model, which is often called 'tillers' – working tillers, have a capacity up to 3,5 hp and are designed for small volumes of work in a confined space – for example, in greenhouses or greenhouses.

Cultivators 'heavy' class uses, in most cases, for the soil to more ambitious ploschadyah.Kultivatory calculated only on the excavation work: tillage, hilling, cutting ridges, etc. Usually the gearbox they have not, and weight does not exceed 50 kg. models with advanced features, approaching the light motoblock. More recently, widespread ultra-light (10-30 kg) machine, designed for ripping. Some mini-tillers can be retrofit hiller, but special wheels at work are not used. An important advantage of this technique – supercompact admitting operation in extremely cramped conditions, to example, in the greenhouse. Light weight makes these units easy to handle and transport. Mini-tillers in some cases, be equipped with an electric motor, which is much easier maintenance. For men, there is little Petrol familiar with technology, this feature may prove decisive in the choice.


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