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Evaluating The Effectiveness Of Investment Projects

July 17th, 2012

Called the degree of efficiency to achieve the best results at the lowest cost. The effectiveness of the investment project is considered as a category, reflecting the corresponding investment project goals and interests of its members. For different project participants of its effectiveness may be different. Financially successful project as a whole, may at the same time to be ineffective for its participation in the project uchastnikov.Effektivnost equity of a party is determined by the ratio of its equity capital invested in the project, and capital, received by him from the project and remaining in his possession after payment own costs and pay its creditors, government, etc. The volume of equity participant contributed to the project, defined as the difference between the amount of funds invested by him in the draft, and the volume of funds mobilized for this purpose. The Bank's own funds invested in the project at each step, defined as the difference between all the means that should this step be invested in the project, and the amount taken at this step zayma.Effektivnost investment project can be evaluated as a quantitative and qualitative harakteristikami.Sredi various performance indicators very important role played by indicators effekta.Effekt – category, which characterizes the excess of the results of the project over the cost of it for a certain period vremeni. evaluate the following types of efficiency: the efficiency of the whole project, the effectiveness of proekte.Effektivnost participation in the overall project is estimated to determine the potential attractiveness of the project to potential participants and the search for funding sources.


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