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Machines and Law

July 18th, 2012

1) Before you leave home, it is desirable to find documents on a machine and the law. So just in case. And then suddenly turns traffic cop is not a gentleman and will not believe your word. Documents can be in one of the following places: a basket of dirty linen, the latest novel by Marina, a telephone table, a box of makeup, her husband's coat, school satchel her son-Losers. 2) After leaving the house is desirable to find his car. So, just in case. Try to remember where you are it left last night. If you hear a discordance of car hooters in the courtyard, boldly goes straight into the thick clusters of machines.

Surely your favorite freely located somewhere in those parts. Just you have not read my advice and do not know what the car is better to place along the road, not across. While I agree that the swearing and buzzing for a couple of hours men – louts and goats. Is it possible to conduct themselves so ugly? Let the joy that had a couple of hours outdoors rather than in their stuffy offices. 3) When you approach the car, first remove it from the alarm and then open the door key, and not vice versa. If you have mixed and the machine screamed as her husband unfed, no need to run up to all passers-by and to prove that you do not vzlomschitsa and it's your machine, although written in-law. Just disconnect the alarm and get behind the wheel.


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