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Heating Oil

October 14th, 2011

Fuel oil is a fuel in liquid form. It is made from heavy flammable parts of the petroleum, Schiffer oil, coal or Braunkohlenteerolen. Heating oil has a very high calorific value of 10 kWh / l. Then, against for example, has only one LNG Heizwet of 6.8 kWh / l and even haul only 4.1 kWh / kg. Fuel oil is a commodity and energy is the second of Raffinierieerzeugnisse.

Fuel oil, a distinction for the viscosity in the following grades: EL = extra light liquids (especially suitable for small, mobile heating, L =, M = mittelflussig, S = heavy liquid (often used by large consumers, such as in power plants). The erxtra liquid version is mixed from gas oil fractions of petroleum distillation and provided with additives. The heavy liquid version is usually made from waste products of oil distillation The versions easily and mittelflussig are products of brown and Steinkohlenschwelung. Fuel oil is usually stored in szieziellen tanks, they can unteirdisch or be located above ground. The heating oil prices are subject to constant fluctuation, it is always calculated in current prices. On daily price take as well as short-term and long-term factors influence. CURRENT factors may be, for example Impending loss of production due to weather influences, such as hurricanes or tidal waves, his fear of terrorist attacks or high global demand. Long-term factors such as finite resources and influence of OPEC (English Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries, in German: Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries). Always used to say that would be best if you always summer, fuel oil purchases, because it is cheaper there. But if you think about what factors influence on this, one should rather observe the daily price and then strike when he is cheap.


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