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Machu Picchu

November 30th, 2013

On one occasion in the Huayna Picchu, the highest summit of the ruins of Machu Picchu, someone intentionally pushed a Japanese tourist, killing him, a native of the place, who worked as a custodian for Copesco, a Peruvian government tourist office, made a comment on the death of the tourist Japanese: "They have disturbed the mountain, now she is angry." Those who heard him thought it was just a superstition, but actually from that day the weather changed radically, in the words of those who later observed, was "sad" with a persistent fog, and for over a month will not again sunrise. This was a reaction of nature?, Or a casual situation was not anything to do with having done damage to the Japanese tourists?; To a part of nature?, A part of the essence of the planet?. I wish it was just a coincidence, but not, if you hurt one part of the planet, provided that subverts the natural order, or transgresses his laws of nature, the planet responds, defends. (Source: Raymond Dalio). Every action of man, is nature's response, either a positive or negative, so every thought and feeling, have their response nature, without exception. When the Israelites after leaving Egypt, entered the Promised Land, which was the land of the Amorites, offered to Abraham 400 years earlier: "All this land you see I will give you and your posterity forever" (Gen 13-15), and not handed in that then why: "The fourth generation is when they get back here, because this is not yet filled the measure of the wickedness of the Amorites." Upon entering the promised land, after the Amorites during those 400 years had finished pollute their land, their wickedness, the Israelites were ordered to God, to decimate every living creature they found in the land of the Amorites, man and beast. .


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