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November 26th, 2013

If I continue to start develop this theme, it will lead to direct insult to my homeland, border workers, and our laws are being developed intelligent MPs and public servants working for the benefit of citizens Russia. First desire after the way done, and it was about 1500 km. and the foul mood was to leave the Soviet Union and go back to Western Europe. But half of the road, waiting for relatives who have not seen us for three years, the accumulated personal affairs made reasonably decide to continue traveling by train. In the border town in Belarus Orsha our car was left on the paid parking at the hotel in which we were compelled to live up to expectations of a train, the things we have handled in three days on the train, we have been redeemed compartment in a train going to Russia. Our trip is interrupted by the above-described circumstances continued. Unforeseen expenditure of funds for accommodation food waiting for the train and buy train tickets was 550 euros.

Was lost 4 days of our time plus a day away by train. The hardest thing was to explain to our children to Russian citizens reason that we are not allowed to go home. If it were not for grandparents, to whom they were going, I think we have persuaded them not to continue the way they think about the continuation of our trip was taken into account as well. Thus, Belarus has become for us a temporary home country before departure to Russia by train.


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