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Mikhail Golitsy

November 17th, 2013

90 m2) shows that housing supply in the state each year to meet demand for at least 30 thousand population, which is several times higher than the actual need. We should not forget about the rent of the queue that are poor and are unable to purchase their own savings for an apartment. However, even here, according to Chief of Housing Kiev city administration Golitsy, property line for the past three to five years did not increase, but only reduced and demonstrates the encouraging downward trend. Speaking about the economic leaving the excess of demand over supply and as a consequence, formation of a “deficit” that is impossible to purchase goods (in this case apartments) are also seeing the reverse picture.

Purchase housing in the primary market is absolutely available and there is no difficulty in newly built house book, sign a contract to buy an apartment, the question rests only in your personal circumstances and capacities. Myth Three – earned the mechanism of mortgage lending, you can easily get credit, which provided an extra opportunity to acquire real estate and, accordingly, increased demand, which in turn led to rising prices. Talk about mortgage as earned mechanism could be that When this “mechanism” would work anytime, anywhere, with all banks and at all sites, otherwise, it can lead only to the individual mortgage transactions and no more. It is easy to verify that the banking institutions to conduct Mortgage lending only on certain construction projects, lists of which they themselves provide..


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