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President Yanukovich

December 11th, 2011

On As of today, Prime Minister Mykola Azarov charged the Minister of Education to finalize the draft law "On Higher Education" and combine it with an alternative bill, registered in the parliament. Reforms Minister D. Tabachnik provoked strong resistance – both from the scientific community and from students. In late January of this year at the walls of the parliament held its first student protest, attended by about 300 participants. In parallel, the same shares were held in many cities of Ukraine. Students required to withdraw the legal education initiatives D. Tabachnik and promised massive protests in the event of failure of their requirements and further advance the bill.

Resistance to the policy of the current minister of education increases. And of course, that much of the public outrage is addressed not only D. Tabachnik, but authorities in general. Fearing that the actions of the Minister of Education may severely damage the reputation of President Yanukovich, the members of his team's start to publicly criticize the actions of the Minister Tabachnik. In particular, Deputy Head of Presidential Administration Mr. Herman said that Yanukovych will never support the concept of educational reform in this edition.

According to her, the President will do everything to Ukrainian universities have been widely government. It seems that President Yanukovych becomes a political pawn Minister Dmitry Tabachnik. In the case of realization of its destructive intentions of reforming the education sector, and the President and the Party of Regions to fully will feel the resentment of students who may soon become a major driving force behind a new wave of anti-government protests.


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