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December 5th, 2011

As – that on television showed the plot of the Moscow meeting of youth protection authorities. In the square were installed a few portraits of the opposition with their mouths open, where boys and girls in mind the students, with an apparent enjoy throwing candy wrappers, empty bottles and other unnecessary things. Their actions are explained as follows: the opposition, de, pours out to the trash authority, and we return them. It seems that one would be happy for our young people showing their usual proactive stance. But this is the case when it is better to remain silent than to speak.

We have that power so sinless, so outside the jurisdiction or loved by Russians, that anyone who dares to say a word against it, immediately have to write in people's enemies and put in the pillory? Yes, now the power, meaning its government is better than ten years ago. And her actions, according to sociologists, supports more than half the population. But whether it is effective? And if doing so that people live better? For example, inflation is growing from year to year, and by day, though prices are off the chain broke down on monopolists council not (recently announced plans to increase fees for electricity and gas doubled over the next three years), the level of corruption we have in front of the entire planet, not reduced crime … There is power in that criticism. It as a child in the family to keep in ezhevyh gloves, bring hard and consistently, to get a result and not a drunkard debauchee, and a wise, honest and good man, educated in the love of his parents – the people. So opposition should not find fault, and in every way to please and pamper.

Who else is in the eye tell the truth – the uterus. Minions of power it never will not wait. Speaking of henchmen. That they seem to have organized a rally in the square by helping thus a disservice to the authorities. Personally, I doubt very much that our non-political youth on their own initiative decided to mock the "enemies of the people." Usually in any political activities of students gathered in voluntarily – involuntarily, as it was with the May Day demonstration in Vladivostok. And if the youth energy hits the edge, then there are many points of its application. We have children in orphanages and hospitals in need of attention and care, the elderly need help, the teenagers, instead of playing sports, exploding bombs and express themselves on the fences.

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