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Private Physician And Teacher

May 15th, 2011

The Russian Government has decided to eliminate 166 existing military departments and faculties. On the possibility of elimination of more than two-thirds of the currently existing military departments of civilian institutions mentioned in the summer of 2007. Deputy Defense Minister Nikolai Pankov called even the exact number – will be saved only 67. In the 37 Russian universities will be set up military training centers. In fact it is the military departments.

There will be profiled training officers. When you receive it boys sign a contract with the Ministry of Defence. And at the end will have to serve three years of military officers. But if a former student refuses to serve three years, then it collect the spent on its training center from the federal budget. A very young specialist to be called up for military service in a general way. The same consequences to the officer in the case of half-taught contributions from the training center for violation of the statutes or internal regulations.

A new procedure for the preparation of officers in civilian schools involves a competitive selection for the right to study at the military department. They should not be only fit for military service on health grounds, but to respond appropriately selected military specialty professional psychological criteria. Entered into a contract the student is paid a special scholarship. Date of liquidation departments and faculties is not defined. It is not clear whether a epaulets lieutenants who have already signed a contract. The new solution can significantly affect the higher education market: the cost of learning in higher education, having a military department may increase, while demand from young people on the "demobilized" schools are uniquely reduced. Alma mater acting Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov also came under the hand. In Saint-Petersburg Trade-Economic Institute (until 1992 – the Leningrad Institute of Soviet Trade. Engels) will not be a military department. Received higher education teachers, physicians, financiers and other professionals will go into the army with the rank of privates. And they have no military accounting profession or the necessary military skills such as plumbing, driving. They may enroll in a construction battalion. To work with a spade should be make a lot of applicants.


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