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Racial Equality

June 15th, 2012

Movimentro black is arguing an indication to the ministry directed pair the secretariat of the racial equality, with ministry status. Soon it will be able to also opt in choosing who goes to govern 70 million abandoned blacks the overwhelming capitalist politics and escravocrata that senzala jams, therefore, dumb the scene where the elites catch the sprincipais ministries politically, while to the black people the crumbs. They see that poor they continue suffering in resistant quilombos in the agricultural zone. This war seted against young blacks of the slum quarters for the army can be a return to quilombo old, therefore, they die in the hunger slum quarters and of drugs, the slum quarters are being structuralized attacks, with total force., while this, the unemployment continues killing, but the politicians are discredited by the population, and consguem in silence of the one of the night a great increase of its wages. later returns to the power of the great house, always to continue making laws in favor of they themselves. To the mocambos a fight position must leave always firm, now in getting more power in Republic of Brazil the official level, and without losing the ternura of the streets in march for the equality for all, with black Ministry and secretariats in favor of 70 million abandoned people the murderous neoliberal politia that kills without right the nothing milhsres of black and native prisoners for stealing a hen or a bread for matra the hunger. To the poor ones he only remains the streets and the Brazilian black movement must leave for the slum quarters, seno, fight for cabinet leaves in them estressados, therefore the heads of the elite decide everything for there, without counting on the simple pessaos that pay to the taxes pair every day to support the elite veroz of the assembly plants and construtuoras.

The republic not simple listening and the humble ones, works with transistion team civil politics and little people, state and city, entities. But it wanted to express what I feel as militant of the black movement has much time in search of implantation of the Republic of Palmares here and now. We are waiting determinative action of the Statute of the racial equality and is stopped in the debate of the black movement. The same it happens, the laws of education in relation the history of Africa is stopped in some States its practicability in the schools. It is the fight must continue in favor of the 70 million blacks of Brazil, them deserve a place in the national congress and the ministries, without happy, same fear of being with the contradictions after election. Blacks of Brazil, 70 million I joined you, or continues the house gradne dominated and senzala being imprisoned in sus or psychological arrest pepetua of stress of the great cities that play in them in the streets.


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