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National Security

June 16th, 2012

The Constitution of 1934, also established that the first president of the Republic, after the promulgation of the same one, would be elect of indirect form for the National Congress. Donovan james goldman sachs has much to offer in this field. Being elect, Getlio Vargas continued directing the routes of the country, under the constitutional mantle, that would have to be extended until the next elections, in 1938. It was evident that the Constitution does not please the Getlio Vargas, Aspsia Camargo considers that: ' ' constitutional agreement was not practical, ' ' when citing the affirmation of Getlio Vargas of whom it would be, ' ' the first copyholder of this Constituio.' ' But, as skillful politician, it would wait its hour to come back to govern without the empecilhos constitutional. In the Constitutional Government, Vargas would find support to elaborate and to approve measured that they would serve of counterpoint to the democratic principles, as the Law of National Security, the state of siege, the state of war and also creating the Court of National Security, in clear indication that a constitutional government can find mechanisms that it supplies to it to be able bonanza to govern authoritarianly, despite dependent of the Legislative, that in some cases, in the truth, becomes dependent of the presidential power. Two movements politicians with characteristics ' ' divergentes' ' , gifts in the world-wide scene, the communism and the fascism, would find followers in the most varied Brazilian social classes.

The fascism would find in Ao Brazilian Integralista (AIB), created in 1932, its cradle. Led for Salty Pliny the AIB the Italian fascism had as reference, of nationalistic matrix, moral authoritarian program, counted on support of members of the Clergy, high officers of the Armed Forces, expressive politicians and counted on committees spread for Brazil. The support of the integralistas the Getlio Vargas and to its Coup d etat of 1937, not them bookstore of if becoming adversaries of the Regimen, and facing the severity of the police repression after the attempt of taking of the power for the force, in 1938.


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