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Regionalism and Nationalism

October 10th, 2012

The pretension of this work is in analyzing the aspects that say respect to the images created for the government the Vargas who had served for cloth of deep of its government, made possible at a first moment its ascension and consequentemente, the affirmation in a next future. Taking us it understanding of the importance of the regional factors of influence in the estruturao of the nationalistic plan that if consolidates in the New State. Words key: regionalism to be able politics nationalism Getlio Vargas. The questions that involve the stability regional politics in the south, with the arrival to the central power for the oligarchies of second order giving new roupagem the national politics disclose to the way trod for Getlio the Vargas had taken who it of the regionalism at a moment of indefinio of certain oligarchies in its localities, on the other hand to the alignment of forces of the Rio Grande Do Sul longing for ‘ ‘ well maior’ ‘ to the Presidency of the Republic. Already at as a moment of affirmation of Vargas in the power if of, over all from the elections of 1934, and the pretensions and joints that had led to the establishment of the New State. This as moment characterizes for the paper and growth of the nationalistic speech if overlapping to the regionalism that had its Maximum point in the representation and materialization of this nationalism in ‘ ‘ espetculo’ ‘ of the burning of the state flags. The 1934 elections, there and the consequent victory of Vargas discloses, it for Brazil from emancipated Vargas of the regionalism, the national scene is the consequence of the International, the regionalism is left of escanto in ascension of the nationalistic speech.


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