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Soviet Ambassador

October 26th, 2011

The U.S. ambassador has angered Tbilisi and left the president Mikhail Saakashvili, had parted with the U.S. ambassador in Georgia is not without apparent regret. John Tefft held in this country about four years, always maintaining a protege Washington and its political environment. It is easy to understand, thus manifested concern for the protection and preservation of Western ideological interests, characteristic of American diplomats in the former Soviet space. Tefft awarded, noting his achievements in the development of Georgian democracy and the convergence of strategic interests of both countries. Receiving the Order, the diplomat could not help but note to self, that to prevent the war in August 2008, his country failed.

Tbilisi will soon be in the new U.S. ambassador, and, of course, many people want to believe that he is to objectively evaluate the validity of those claims that are made in Georgia to the authorities. Wadak can provide more clarity in the matter. Opposition groups by the news of the rotation and translation of John Tefft to another post without any regret. In recent months, the ambassador continued criticism aroused opposition parties who have not met with the White House nor sympathy for his problems, no real understanding of the reasons for inadmissibility to the community of style and methods of government of Saakashvili.

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